Computing with a Year in Industry – BSc (Hons) – University of Kent
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Computing with a Year in Industry – BSc (Hons) – University of Kent

So the reason why I chose the course is
because of the amount of different subjects we go into while here it’s
everything from coding to actual computing law and learning about how we
can apply this to the real world a recent piece of work that I’ve done that
I found particularly interesting was my work on computer security and looking
into the vulnerabilities and different things that can affect an attack the
hard and software of a computer this is really important I found as it applies
to a lot of things going on in the world right now where computer security is so
important one of the great things about can is it support it provides for its
students for example if you’re stuck on a particular lecture and need help
afterwards you can go to a class supervisor would then help you if you
still suck after that there’s workshops that are available to actually
supplement what you’ve already learned and put that into action if still you’re
stuck you can then go to lecturers who always have an open-door policy
so if you see their door open you can go in and ask them a question and they’ll
be happy to help you. So at the KITC I’m a consultant the KITC is Kent’s IT
consultancy which helps micro and small businesses in the Kent area we help them
with a range of different things from digital mentoring to web page refreshes
some of the projects I’ve worked on have been digital mentoring projects these
are from projects where we help our customer decide on a software that may
be suited best for them and then actually help them implement it into
their business and the ways in which they can make the use of the most use
out of it so I spent my year in industry at a company called kinetic solutions
which is based in Milton Keynes and while there I worked in both their sales
and marketing department helping them launch campaigns as well as new product
timelines and roadmaps so my role at kinetic involved a range of different
things some of the things that I was involved in in particular was helping
organize the regional user forums relaunching their website and helping
streamline their marketing processes the skills that I was able to bring to my
placement were mainly the technical skills so through my knowledge of HTML
and CSS I was able to bring this over to kinetic while working with them and help
rebrand and work on their website further the school supported me in
finding my placement through its dedicated
placement officers they were able to help you with my CV and also in finding a
place that was perfect to me my plans for after I graduate is to join
Salesforce which is a customer relationship management software company

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