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Computing Systems Engineering Technology

Well, at my last place of work a few people I worked with were
graduates of the program. They said it was a good program. They recommended it to me and they were getting more money than I was so, doing the same job, so seemed like the right move. Well I have a
background in electronics already, worked at it for a total of
about five years. This last place of work was two years, about two years there and like I said, everyone that worked around me are, a lot of people that work in the same department as me were Technologists. And I was a technician so so the pay scale was a little different. I wanted to do software because I didn’t know much about software and I wanted to get into the market of being able to integrate hardware and software together. I’m not really sure directly what exactly
what field but something to do with integration of
hardware and software and it seemed like the right program for that. With the programming side, I find
really interesting, I’m finding that probably the most fun. You can get immediate results from what you’re doing, you write code and you run the code and it does something and its rewarding. We haven’t done, gotten too far yet cause where I’m in the second year but the coolest thing I’ve done so far is, like, make a a G U I menu and have options drop
down and make you know, make the windows that you see on your Windows computer, you know. So it’s pretty fun but I’m looking forward to, like, what’s coming next year, you know, because things are gonna get more intense, like, for me like doing graphics and stuff like that and that’s really exciting. I expected to learn a fair bit
about microprocessors and micro controllers, electronics as well as enough programming to get a long with it. There’s actually more programming through it than I expected but it’s been alright so far. One of my favorite courses so far was a micro controllers course, where we
basically tore apart somebody’s tech pieces from a previous year and set up a router on the robot to actually broadcast from an IP cam
on the robot so we could control the robot and make it move throughout the school as long as it was within range of the school’s network. That was pretty fun. I would recommend it to anybody with a
strong interest in programming, networking or electronics just because it covers a lot of different areas. And just the cost of it and it’s only a three
year program so anybody that wants to get through it,
will get through it. You will learn to as long as you want to learn.

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