Computing programs at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Golisano College
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Computing programs at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Golisano College

Welcome to the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences at the Rochester
Institute of Technology. Located in beautiful
Rochester, New York… Golisano College is one
of the largest and most comprehensive computing
colleges in the nation. So what can you study? Golisano’s degree
programs include… Computer Science Human Centered Computing Computing Security New Media Interactive Development Game design
and development Web and Mobile Computing Computing and Information Technologies And Software
Engineering Plus a whole lot more But what if you
don’t know what you want to study? Relax, we’ve
got you covered. Our Computing Exploration
Program let’s you explore a variety of computing
disciplines before choosing your major, and
without losing any time on your path toward
your degree. So why Golisano? Golisano College offers
students access to innovative labs where
they can conduct cross-disciplinary
research with faculty that are leaders in
their field. Golisano students co-op
and go on to work for the biggest names in the
private and public sector. Our alumni have changed
the world with their groundbreaking ideas. And each of our programs
is highly respected by employers and
peer institutions. START YOUR RIT JOURNEY

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  • Phoenix Fruitloops

    Nice!Looking forward to pursuing my masters in Game Design and Development at RIT!I will be sending in my application soon! 🙂
    – Varun Bajaj.

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