Computing Like Never Before
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Computing Like Never Before

Supercomputers exist to help us solve
really difficult problems they’re nearly impossible to solve with the traditional
pen and paper and even in some cases difficult or impossible to solve with
even a capable desktop computer and so that’s where supercomputers come into
play. I’m Bradley Morgan I’m an IT specialist for the office of information
technology at Auburn and I’m also a PhD student College of Engineering Computer
Science. Parallel computing basically takes big complex problems and breaks
them down into smaller parts and each part is calculated and arrives on a
solution or an answer. So one of the ways supercomputers solve problems that are
good for parallel processing is to use a software called MPI. MPI is short for the
message passing interface and what it does is it defines a standard basically
for computers to talk to one another so what we’ve looked at is adding something
called persistence to non-blocking collective operations and a non-blocking
operation you have to create this thing called a request object and what that
request object does is sort of sits in the background and monitors that
communication that happens. Once a message is sent and received and
processed the request can keep track of the status of that operation.
Unfortunately when you use non-blocking operations that request object has to be
created every time you use it. So what we’ve done with persistence is we’ve
come up with a way to create that request object one time and then reuse
it over and so it’s a way to basically improve the memory management of the
program and it’s a simple concept but it’s one that’s that hasn’t been
available until until now.

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