• Koven Carlson

    What are good numbers of women and black people and why? How specifically did her school obtain a high level of diversity?

  • Optimus Phoenix Prime

    Open source gaming 🤔 publishers want to much for less
    Allow games to mod and review
    Open it up to creative people who give a shit 🤔 Ark survival reviews modders
    Let us improve on intellectual crapitalism 👌👀 make da booboo's better

  • thewiseturtle

    There is so much defensiveness by the mainstream academia when it comes to different brain types. Those of us who are creative, non-linear, scientific type thinkers are not welcome by the more conservative, linear type thinkers who prefer to keep schools and other workplaces predictable and "tidy", sticking to the processes that the were taught and feel comfortable with. But without diversity, progress is held back, and those of us who are the big picture type thinkers, the innovators, the weirdo experimenters who have our own unique style and approach to problem solving, need to be a large part of any organization or project, if it is to be truly successful in the long term.

    I know unpredictability and "woo woo" thinking can see scary to the more conservative minds in most mainstream geek places, but there needs to be a change, if we want to actually solve humanity's problems. It's far scarier to fail at taking care of our planet, than it is to allow us weirdo (non-Autism-Spectrum) type minds to be a part of the scientific community.

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