Computing Freshers Welcome Video
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Computing Freshers Welcome Video

Welcome to Imperial College London, and to
the Department of Computing, or DoC as it’s also known. We hope you will enjoy your time
here and hope that this short film will show you what to expect from the department, so
you can get the most out of your degree here. Most lectures take place in the department,
and last just under an hour. Lectures are where you will learn most of the theoretical
components of each course, so it’s important to attend and to read through any lecture
notes. Lecture notes will be made available online in advance of the lecture. It’s a
good idea to make your own notes, as lecturers do cover more detail than the notes and sometimes
give hints about what might be in the exam! Be quick to let the lecturer know if you can’t
hear them, you’re too hot or cold, or the slide font is too small. There’s probably
someone else thinking exactly the same, so don’t suffer in silence! Coursework is handed in at the SAO where you
should stamp your work and post it in the undergraduate letter box The labs in DoC are some of the finest in
the UK with over 150 terminals, many running both Linux and Windows. CSG look after all
the machines and are located round the corner from labs if you need help.The printers in
labs work like all other printers in college. You can print to them from your computer,
and take your swipe card to the printer to collect the printout. Students are given £30
printer credit each year which should be plenty. Everyone needs somewhere to relax, and the
student common room is somewhere you can go to eat, chat to friends, or work on your latest
group project. The common room also has a massive whiteboard wall which is great for
collaborating on ideas. It’s your space, so use it, but look after it as well. You
can collect hard copy coursework from the filing cabinets by the door. The cabinets
are well labelled, but try to keep them in order! If you’re having any problems, You can speak
to your Personal tutor, The senior tutor if the problem is bigger, or one of your two
year reps or the dep rep. The union also has it’s own advice centre that covers all other

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