Computing at the University of Huddersfield – Joshua Flitcroft
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Computing at the University of Huddersfield – Joshua Flitcroft

My name’s Joshua Filtcroft, and I’m studying
Computer Games Programming in my forth year now. I came to one of the open days, saw the
equipment they’ve got available, especially Canal Side studios, the on house sort of in
game studio that they have set up, and the equipment they’ve got, it’s pretty fascinating and it
really wowed me. We’re in one building most of the time that’s
just five floors of PCs, it’s got Macs, it’s got Linux, it’s got Windows 7, 8, they really
know what people need so they invest in all the best equipment. The facilities I use the most is the library, it’s got all the books there and also the sort of labs, where we can use and work on the PCs. The library’s really accessible, I think it’s pretty much 24/7 most of the year. If you ever need a book it’s open for you though. The best thing about our school would probably be Canal Side Studios, the in house studio, not a lot of universities have that. It’s a placement year where people go, programmers and designers, to work on projects, games, serious games for clients. You’ll probably find me in the cafe at Canal
Side West, its just opened up and it’s just a really nice place, it serves some great
food and drink. The tutors are great, they know their stuff, they’ve been working in the industry so they know what it’s meant to look like, how it’s meant to work, and
so they really put that into their teaching which is good. The work placement opportunities
available, there’s loads, we’ve got Canal Side Studios, that’s for programmers and designers
each year and then the placement unit in the school, it’s fantastic. They really know their
stuff so they have companies that come to them each year asking for placement students. I did my placement at Canal Side Studios,
I worked on a good variety of projects there, sort of, some speech recognition, image recognition,
worked on an app for the police, game-ifying student safety, really combining the stuff
that we learn on our course with what people need in their everyday lives. At the moment there’s two options, either
going down sort of, the doctorate route, sort of going down lecturing, or going into the
industry, preferably America, sort of work for some companies over there. I suppose what’s
surprised me most how much I’ve enjoyed the course, I didn’t do any programming beforehand,
but I’ve come here, I’ve loved it, I’ve really understood what needed to be done and I’ve
had a great time.

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