Computing at Staffordshire University: Connect to your future
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Computing at Staffordshire University: Connect to your future

that the connected University we’re
connecting great minds to great opportunities students to industry and you
to a future in computing the computing offer at staffs is fantastic
we’ve been going since 1965 so we’ve got a fantastic history in relation to
computing we cover all areas of computing and we do it in great detail
so definitely if there’s anything new and emerging in computing we will have a
course related to it we want it to be very practically
orientated so you’re actually be able to do things rather than simply talk about
it so we have two labs which are totally dedicated to ourselves these labs we can
do anything we like and that’s the beauty of it we’re not restricted down
in the slightest bit we have all the industry grade equipment so we have a
two data centres which belong to us one of the data centers has got all the
networking equipment in everything in there is from the major manufacturers
so we have Brocade equipment the majority of our equipment is cisco orientated
we have maracias equipment to use we also have a large amount of juniper equipment
as well the networking equipment is full of server active which we get to play
with you can go into that lab virtually any time of the day and use that equipment
which is really useful if you’re interested in developing software and
then looking at it from the point of view of how usable it is and we’ve got a
lab that is dedicated to usability testing which has got all kinds of
interesting kit in there where we can track eye movement and also look at how people are navigating through the application when it’s on screen the
actual lab has lots of robotic arms autonomous vehicles AI stuff like an AI
doctor which actually helps to their medication
one of the really important things that we believe here at Staffordshire
University is that all of our students gain valuable work experience working
with employers between their second and third years it gives them the real-world
experience it also gives them 12 months that they can put on their CV which
definitely benefits them not only in them getting the job at the end of it
but also the salary they get after that because it counts as being 12 months
experience local placement companies use that
placement as a way to try out somebody so they will offer the full-time job
afterwards placement I thought it was great Amazon is based in Dublin
which is a great city and it’s a great company to work for anyone will spend
like a year in any company will have more chances of getting a job got two types of industry links at
Staffordshire firstly we’ve got placement companies those include come
is like CERN Airbus IBM Barclays more or less any company you name related to
computing and equally we’ve got our partners that we work with in developing
the courses such as Google and of course we’ve got certifications built in with
our partners as well such as Amazon Cisco and Microsoft radix is an annual
graduate exhibition and what our final year students do after they have
finished their final year projects they’ll go and exhibit those in a
one-day extravaganza my proudest moment at staffs has got to be finishing my
final year project and getting to show it off the industry critics it’s been
a really great opportunity and hopefully get some good job offers from it the UK
recruiter for Ernest Young came to talk to my students and look at their projects and
half an hour after sitting and talking to them what they actually did was offer
three students there and then a job to start that Monday the future of
education is here connecting learning to experience and industry our
state-of-the-art facilities are waiting for you
Staffordshire University the connected University

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