• fizban64

    This looks very interesting, I try and learn a new computer language every year, and this looks like a prime candidate. I see for people like me who wish to play with the full functionality in our personal time it is 95 pounds per year, that sounds really good to me since it integrates with R which is a brilliant in it's own right.

    Keep up the good work, thanks Stephen.

  • Jason Axford

    WolframAlpha and Skynet could be BFFs. Just ask Wolfram "How do mitigate anthropogenic climate change?". Wolfram's answer? "I'm gonna pass this one to my buddy here, Skynet". 

  • Physics Ghost.

    "Everything is formed by a locational 4pi spherical inward absorption +1=0 now -1 outward emission of electromagnetic waves.. .  .A motion is 2pi spiral.. .  .
    And all direction is 4pi spherically curved.. .  .
    Vibrating sinusoidal spherical wave-fronts of only motion forms Einstein's curvature of space-time."

  • Jim Beam

    He is one of the smartest human beings I have ever listened to. Though I´m slightly disappointed that I have to pay for the more useful functions of Wolfram Alpha.

  • Erica Wilson

    Thank You STEPHEN WOLFRAM for showing us how you replaced us with computers. I assume you are just the messenger. I should know that one major thorn of humans is assumption. Is there anyway you have enough empathy to inform us what you are going to do with the trash, I mean the humans who are uber creative and poor. Please, one who is smart and impoverished is more on edge then one who replaces creativity with money to develop complexity that is as great as complexity can ever get. Do go on. I think it is the least I can ask, thank you. Right now my dream is to figure out a way to conceptualize my children having a future :)peace                                    Ohhhh if I had $ I would not have to try to conceptualize life sustainability for my children. I would have already purchased the ability to compute it.

  • A certain Ghork

    To all of you reading this, go read all 1197 pages of Wolfram's book 'A new kind of Science', it might just flip your world upside-down. Also check out 'Chaos, Making a new science' and 'The Information, A history, a theory, a flood' by James Gleick. What a ripe time to be living in, so much obvious and interesting inter-connectivity! Talks by Wolfram always put me in a good mood, I feel like there's actually progress being made towards something interesting.

  • Darko Fius

    Dr. Stephen Wolfram is assuredly a polymath, and more. To bring us such a reach new tools into our everyday life is more than one could expect. The fact that his reach is far deeper than one might easily perceive is another sign of his intellectual proves. Let’s thank him for his efforts and work  in the past in let him know, that we are gratefully expecting more in the future.

    Yours, Darko Fius

  • akiru bamiru

    Thank you for making my life simplier your programs helps to check if I done my math exercice correctly.
    I know your invention wasn't to be made and you sacrifice your time on it. Mankind need more people like you Dr Stephen Wolfram!!!!!!!!!
     But I am curious who must hate this kind of achievement!! At the moment that I write this comment there is 94 dislikes?? How awful can people be!!!!!!!

  • Bryon Lape

    The Universe is quite complicated when viewed from a matter standpoint. When viewed as energy, it is not so complex.

  • HDvids 101

    Everything is Information. We live in an Information digital virtual reality.Computers are but a natural part. This talk is very Spiritual and he doesn't even know it 🙂

  • Jennifer Grove


    Now I see why it is so expensive. You have to buy the data – at the going rate.
    So much for democratizing it.

  • Hugh Fuve

    jaw dropping amazing, I love this guy..Its not just computation though.. this tech is on the evolutionary path to becoming an independent conscious being.

  • FunkyKong19

    So what I took from this is that computation and that computers in general have the ability to scour the internet and other mass data sources and compile that data into readable resources and compare one part of the data to another and be able to develop connections. As well, the computer can learn off itself and the connections it's already made, thus signifying that computers are self reliant and may even eventually become far superior than humans. Since humans are basically taught off a what we see is what we get educational model and only the most intelligent people in the world can fight against this method of thinking, the vast majority of people will be "dumber" than an average computer programmed to use computing to expand it's knowledge. Imagine one day being ruled by a computer, that would be insane. So we could either stop the process of technological evolution and keep things like computation to ourselves, which may in turn save humans from annihilation, or continue on in our technological advances with the knowledge they could take us over… What should we do? Crazy to think about. I could go on for ages but If anyone wants to continue this discussion please reply.

  • BullB Man

    It all looks pretty promising until the idea begins to grow by itself without being under some serious considerations of limitation and feasibility. Uncontrolled ambition is often the stopper of great works. Hope it was just my negativism. Overall one of the few ideas that came up in the last decades that seems truly exciting.

  • Marko Kevin Grilc

    So if computers will make all the codes and programing, what whill programers or the rest of humanity do?

  • Paul H

    The behavior of object images presented here have a vanishing point of reference. It is irreducible because it can expand and reduce in a infinite state. But the images are viewed from one single state. You can perform this in multi dimensional sates with the right mathematical formulas.

  • theendlesssuffering

    This guy is a fucking genius. Why am I not surprised that the comment section is filled with typical dimwitted moronic Youtube watching bottom-feeders that can't recognize genius when they witness it?

  • Dorin Vaden

    He has wonderful Ideas that parallele the Holodeck in Startrek with the computer actively helping. He's losing the audience though based on his marketing like pitch. Naming it after himself slam dunkks it for the smaller minded. He should have thought about that

  • Emo Nemo

    No offence to Stephen, but the programming language Mathematica sucks. Matlab is used more (engineers mostly) because its a simpler language to code. Python beats the living snot of both of these software/languages when it comes down to code readability and software maintenance (oh and its free). Now Wolfram Alpha, that is beautiful, but so far just gimmicky. Future of programming will be more usage of symbolic programming and pseudocode.

  • gbiota1

    If you accuse Wolfram of being egotistical, what idea do you think is the most important in 100 years, and why aren't you working on that?

    If you accuse him of being narcissistic, what is narcissistic about admiring Galileo, aspiring to follow his example, and then actually doing it?

  • Kam hing Pang

    I saw title is only Chinese description,but so
    many English review。
    Do people see this title is english ?

  • David Brown

    "… a whole new kind of science …" I say that Milgrom is the Kepler of contemporary cosmology. Google "witten milgrom".

  • Bryce Clark

    Computing "everything" is a stretch; I would think of Goya's "Sleep of Reason"; but this is a cool program he's built.

  • SHAH

    I wish it would include Models in Electro optics. Can we figure out how far a way we can detect a man with a night vision goggle or a pair of Binocular?

  • Rob Inson

    There's a problem: Some things cannot be computed. Tilings of the plane, for example. There are things that exist that are literally non-computable. It's possible a "theory of everything" won't be computable either. Oops.

  • Tobiasz Budzyński

    It's an older idea than XX century.
    >>Babbage started to design in 1834; "in less than two years he had sketched out many of the salient features of the modern computer. A crucial step was the adoption of a punched card system derived from the Jacquard loom"[10] making it infinitely programmable.<<

  • Rainer Wahnsinn

    So it's 2018 now. You have two more years two deliver the formula of the universe you promised Stephen. Probably easier to continue ripping off students with your expensive Mathematica subscriptions though. Nice shoes.

  • DongJun Yoon

    I have forgotten this lecture since I added into my playlist. I played this day and it was so helpful. I lv yu bro! thank you so much!

  • Howard DeLaCruz-Bancroft

    This is what you are looking for. It uses only scientific and computer terminology but is an alternative parallel analogy to a religious description. Go to YouTube search for UNM lecture The VICE Theory.

  • rsr789

    Yeah, but what does he know about computers or math? Oh, right…

    Seriously though: I miss the old TED, when they still had balls.

  • NolsMix1

    there's an article on cellular automata @stanford.edu. In it a quote from Richard Feynman:

    It bothers me that, according to the laws as we understand them today, it takes a computing machine an infinite number of logical operations to figure out what goes on in no matter how tiny a region of space, and no matter how tiny a region of time. How can all that be going on in that tiny space? Why should it take an infinite amount of logic to figure out what a tiny piece of space-time is going to do? So I have often made the hypothesis that ultimately physics will not require a mathematical statement, that in the end the machinery will be revealed and the laws will turn out to be simple, like the checker board with all its apparent complexities. (Feynman 1965)

  • Thoriso Molefe

    👏👏👏👐👐. This is exactly the path my intuition has been leading me down. This talk lay the concepts down so well and helped clarify my thoughts while sending chills down my spine. At least I know my imagination wasn't running away with me aimlessly. Ah, I've gained whole new clarity and certainty.

  • Imran Chaudhry

    Stephen Wolfram is now an advisor for the new blockchain start up NKN ( new kind of network ) that is focusing on becoming the network layer for the blockchain


  • Lothar Scholz

    The only wolrd formular he knows is his greedy profits. Mathematica is so overpriced it makes my iphone X laugh about their pricing.

  • Steven Hines

    First off: I don't pretend to understand much of this, but, I don't trust this guy. (Also, I don't know much philosophy so a lot of this rant is from intuition.) I don't trust AI when its architects begin to discuss how it will interact with free will. It appears that Wolfram is utterly amoral – he has actually said that he detests the word "consciousness". His philosophy essentially states that if we follow the universal program, it will eventually result in consciousness. My worldview is the opposite and rests on consciousness being primary. His ideas are frightening because I think the philosophy that simple rules and programs can eventually describe the entire universe is accurate. Reminds me of Chomsky describing the language and the mind – how a very finite lexicon following common and simple rules can be used to express an infinite range of thoughts. When Wolfram says "harness … for human purposes" I have to ask which "humans" he is referring to. My sense is that he is referring to the elites. How the ruling class decides to implement AI to replace bureaucracy could lead, in short order, to a "Terminator", "Brave New World", or "I, Robot" scenario.

  • Álvaro MD

    How interesting is to watch as he exhibits his unshakable confidence and noticing that the world went all along in the complete opposite direction in terms of knowledge production and aggregation (with wikis, collaborations in general and now blockchain), a direction that no individualist project as his can ever meet. Therapy is the missing element here. Seeing his egomania in honest perspective would help him achieve true wisdom; if there’s no time for that, he could at least watch some of Chomsky’s et. al master classes in humbleness. And that, perhaps, could inspire a pathway by which he could one day become comparable to some of the great thinkers of our times, which all understand that the world is always too vast in comparison to any individual contribution.
    Arrogance + time: convergence to ridiculous.

  • Robert Schlesinger

    Nice talk, but WolframAlpha still has some mathematical glitches that yield incorrect answers, and this is a problem.

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