Complete WordPress Course 2017 | Promo
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Complete WordPress Course 2017 | Promo

Hi guys, in this course I will show you step
by step how you can create a beautiful and professional website using WordPress and the Enfold theme. My name is Ferdy Korpershoek And I am a respected teacher on Youtube with over
15.000 subscribers and more than a million views. I have helped thousands of people creating
their own website and gave people the possibility to become webdesigners for a living. And now I want to take it to the next level. In this course I will not only show you how
to create an amazing and professional website but I will walk you through all the possibilites within the
Enfold Theme, so that you can create beautiful website. At the end of the course you are a Enfold
expert and you are able to create websites like these: In this course we will cover how to setup
a WordPress website on your local computer or through webhosting. How to configure WordPress, create pages,
menu’s. Configure the Enfold theme. You will learn how to work with the Advanced
Layout Editor that comes with the Enfold theme. For instance: all different kind of Galleries,. Parallax backgrounds Text blocks and much more. You will learn how to create blogposts, portfolio
items and pages. As an addition you can also learn how to create
a webshop. Add different kinds of products, add taxes,
shipping rates, coupon codes. And last but not least. I will also talk about Search Engine Optimazation. How to be found better in Google. Feel free to take a look at the course discription
or watch the free video’s within the course and then I hope you want to enroll the course
so you can start to build an amazing website from scratch, using Wordpres and the Enfold theme.


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