COMO Registrar un dominio en Sered, Como Comprar Hosting y Dominio en SERED
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COMO Registrar un dominio en Sered, Como Comprar Hosting y Dominio en SERED

[Music] Welcome back to the series as create a website in wordpress am Felipe Mendoza and is the first time is one of my videos have to give Click the video above to follow In this case series I want to show how to buy a domain on the Internet and cash so we will not buy a céret company called dot net one company that I like a lot has excellent service excellent servers excellent price and payment It is amazing because it’s amazing because when you choose your plan you choose that you like let’s enter discount code I have and choose the payment method you can choose multiple options if you are in Colombia if you are in mexico If you’re in Argentina or if you are in chile all of this can be paid in cash I did and look at this time I have this receipt that I bought hosting And I want to see is this Look how interesting this I here You can get different payment methods I pay my cash is hosting too big an advantage for example I want to choose Baloto point if I’m in Colombia Baloto point and if I’m in Mexico in Argentina can have I give different means read and I I agree and give in complete order I’m here and ready in the proforma I am paying with Baloto and tell me the 31 86 euros value what we had spoken and now my numbers and what I have to do is give pay now I say all the codes that has applied I’ll give you pay now It is very important that we copy the number pro forma we give pay now I put the number of proforma I decided to buy it for cash better and I says the total pay s this I to give these data the number of reference agreement and ready and is approved approximately a 24 December hours our hosting are ready to start and now I close my computer and I’ll buy my good hosting you are going to pay friends I have in this time the exact value or pay 78 and 35 are from accompanying buy cash [Music] Here we will take a glimpse at receipt and then now if we to buy the hosting I’ve already done often know [Music] really was very easy I went to one of the cash offices were close my house and I told the Lord that he would pay for a service he asked me pin the agreement and he confirmed to me the value Well here will come to pay the hosting and once you pay it I do not know what’s next guess will I guess the notification that they will reach someone payment already effective and it will enable them to show more or less at the time I arrived about mail Notification of them where I They reported that they had already received Ceres order of something important that you tell us at this email Welcome in good time is that We have registered a new domain and we He says we will reach mail part of that network indicating that we verify this by email security and we will do will check email in the mail they sent This is the mail they send us part of that network says estimated the domain name owner We require your action to prevent suspension and is basically an e which tells us that we must check or must confirm to the icann we made a request domain so we’ll play that link so great that we have down and Let’s do confirm and ready congratulations have already been we buy our domain verified ed to be and and proceed to wordpress installation and configuration all our hosting service this video you learn to buy a domain hosting package and if you liked the video will not forget and you give me love I ask a question and you separated all mini hosting coupon with you di leave your comments below this video If you are passionate about digital marketing and applications have to subscribe to this channel portion down not forget to touch the bell That tells you every time I go [Music] We are ready as the next
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