Hello chatungos, what’s up! Today we will create our website fast and totally free way customizable Let’s go there the boys once we are here google home page Spain we went to the search engine and put cité 123 would be the platform we are going to create our website the first head carlos g some inmates loaded faster and others not so much as it takes me 50 years, but good this is the first thing we see when entering this website for this platform and we here to start cotton this Yellow puts you start here we click it now we have to register we will oppose our name complete failure the blog with the corresponding run one Against bad look good user agreement once we are here we will have to choose the category of our website web and in this case I will give others evils because I do not know very well website category and not for tomás both better site name web what the slogan could put it for example, the only way the only road to success is failure put any this we can change once there creator this website address the contact page and the number not necessary and not report it select the language in this case Spanish and we click where it says start building your website good once it has loaded us and our website mahle have here different tabs 1 alice home page to finar design and adjustments generals say the first tab home page we can put our name is here it we can join prologue here we have different designs for our main this you see here behind it and not dilute this case see other all entities and whether to go for it by enter it here then change is no problem for the page style Start changing can put images It is to put it put one cinema video image of a video image youtube that you ye this case can put images changing for leaving all thumbnail images of me not to who titled say that I’m here is the Bloc say the part that is under the name we have put in This case will now be able to water the blog and the slogan I will leave such which is not to extend the vice not afraid of things that much dear for you not but said it all tabs you find yourself in this in these sections are fully customized in the next tab pajín these three here we are estros three sections us We found in the bottom of our home page springs name on us and contacts we can add a new page as for example, will talk about events on our team on characteristics photo gallery on our blog apart from having a site about our shop on line etc. etc. etc. Well these are the three tabs also in the pro which change without any problem let’s the most important thing for me dd This video is not the visual design our website here we have different options worth I in this case this life because I I think it gives a more elegant touch and up with here that it has transparency Total to come back here and gives a little quite elegant and quite simple I think either the sight good in the styles we have here different colors we can use Click have a lot of colors one Lots of varieties to switch to your taste and good because here you have style born of meno which can be simple to button a button underlined transparent corners the pink buttons you can change the forms of all things that are within your voucher website he only regards to styles the source here because we have many types of bridge it with a view after each You can also change the size of the say honest transparent button from here it to be more larger or smaller as all properties and the font size of the which has been the name is here above by the menu display search tools say if we click to see him not leave a magnifying glass you think this is very important for your website to have a tool and help them find information easier that visitors are going to thank lot and a very important vote to show our social networks in this case I do I’m going to use because I want to say in the us army youtube channel with my website then it would only take the link link to our video channel and paste the same goes here instagram should or Pinter is with google + facebook twitter etc. so on and so here you have a Lots of social networks with which you can in the star dust and fixers bonus are clearly different designs do not want to roll around worth are different designs but this website is given in this case put everything and default because I think it is pretty neat and here also it offers us the button to show our social networks we will bid and I’ll put my example worth putting here me sing youtube copy and paste paste it give to save and see how down here will say the Iconic our social and according to which it becomes available are u come to light is here also down phobic images social here you can put we gave the the this little picture image that you when when will go to our Web page I do not think it’s quite helpful try to make a one logo say has more or less conspicuous we can avoid our taste also good the settings tab the last section let alone the customizing our website here is the website better and we have the choice of the type of website is a page that says it all modules in a single page or multipage to see this difference will give click pressure as we were going to page start it up but are in the same changed now starting to multipage when I’m in the home and for example I want to click on US switch to a different page I I recommend select a page because they do not have everything at hand It will be faster and need not go to other pages to see the information Full terms and comes and Privacy here you can put the finished privacy and consent cookies to leave to your li-ion battery if you would put it out just in case but I leave it to your injury tab worth us this is like that Complete your information our video channel worth eastern saimaa plague explode bite but hey say this is what comes out by default not on the page web on the platform and say these three options these three games there Here’s how to fill out the data that you ask to our channel youtube here with the title proved channel description and words key features or masters our video channel it is exactly the same but using a very good language page section the country we see that gives us dif two options worth as language Spanish logically format dating I I want to go the day before the months because I’m used to seeing and so as ye ye the format now 24 hours and the area time as these Africans would go to Search Europe Europe and in this case I would go to look for madrid where they are 328 ratting good and the last tab it complements the where from here You can manage plugins but good in our case as we have a premium version only let us therefore add to google I would put analytics and how good it each one as you see no Honestly I will not put that I see not much use in that Luso what he wants you to my website and no good once you have your things changed your photos all you want and then we’ll see how would the preview of our Web page this would say worth the search with social networks here the search contact us here on page start and ye whenever you can go to this website and stripes give information when it was is good now that we have our eyes previous we will proceed to publish our Web page we will, if and stes and it ia id would pardon our our the website address and not we just have to see it to click we click and we’d be in our website it here with all this you can go changing your taste ever that you wanted them that entering cité 123 dot com and enter indirectly within our site web Medel and that this website there is steels possibility of a premium account although that depends on the utility that who will rule our website I leave it to your choice as has said earlier this platform allows customize our website almost hundred percent and make it their own so avoid your taste and I have the and that’s all it is amazing how easy it is to create a website today so I hope this tutorial and Danish Leave your answer in the comments and you can also put the attempt web page so that you can take a glance so nothing I like to share in the social networks subscribe to each function to octaves and see you next Wednesday thank you for looking at

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