Colocation Explained – Hyve Managed Hosting
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Colocation Explained – Hyve Managed Hosting

Hi I’m Neville from Hyve Managed Hosting and today we’re going to be talking about colocation. Colocation is taking your existing
IT infrastructure and rehousing it within a secure data center, the data center provider will often
take care of important aspects such as ensuring they provide you with redundant network connectivity, power and cooling. For many organizations making the right decision in terms of how to host their
IT application can be quite tricky especially when they’ve invested huge amounts into their IT infrastructure already, however as their business scales so does the
need for their IT infrastructures to scale. At times there are organizations that have considered moving their IT
applications to the cloud, however their applications are designed in a way
that simply won’t run on the cloud effectively in both these scenarios this is when
colocation comes into the equation. At Hyve we provide colocation
to our customers on a global scale spanning across multiple data centers in
key locations worldwide. We can either perform a lift and shift operation where
we migrate your existing IT infrastructure into our data center or we can provide you with
bespoke kit to rack within our data centers, in all cases we provide customers
with a resilient environment and provide them with
the ongoing support that they need. To speak to one of our cloud consultants
about Hyve’s colocation offering. GIve us a call on 0800 612 2524
or email [email protected]

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