Cognitive computing | What can it be used for?
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Cognitive computing | What can it be used for?

Hidden among the 2.5 billion gigabytes of data generated each day are increasingly complex patterns to interpret. Smarter decisions to be made; and innovative new discoveries to unlock. We need systems to behave and interact with us more intelligently to record this data in all it’s forms. From pictures and videos posted on social media to real-time sensory information collected by satellites in space. Cognitive computing means enabling machines to interact with humans in a more natural way. Learn at scale and reason with purpose Cognitive technology is key to drawing rational business conclusions from the right data, so you can implement solutions with confidence. You might trust social media as a source to analyse the customer experience at a hotel or restaurant for example. When treating a serious medical condition you’d put evidence based research first. By learning and evolving based on user feedback, past experiences and new data Cognitive systems can become experts in specific areas in effect, they become the perfect assistant for our existing human expertise. Take a doctor who doesn’t have the time to continuously adsorb a vast, ever-changing body of medical research; a cognitive assistant, that they can question and interact with in seconds could speed up and streamline everyday tasks and decisions saving time and money. At the STFC Hartree centre, we’re helping businesses access cognitive computing technologies to unlock exciting possibilities and change the way they make decisions, interact with customers and solve their biggest challenges.


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