Cognitive Computing: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM
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Cognitive Computing: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM

Five years from now you will be able
to touch through your phone. Computers will be able to not only
look at images, but understand them. A computer system will know what
I like to eat better than I do. Computers will have a sense of smell. With all due respect to
current technology our computers today are just
large calculators. They calculate very fast and they
calculate lots and lots of data but they really don’t think. So I think that cognitive computing
is in its simplest form how do we get computers to behave, and
think, and interact the way humans do. If a cognitive computer can
experience its environment, by definition, it can act
upon it to improve it. And that’s a unique capability
compared to what we have today. In today’s world we always provide
imperfect answers because we don’t have
all the information. What cognitive systems allow us to do
is to be able to collect that information from what is seen, from what is heard,
from what is felt, and use that information to provide a more
accurate answer to the problem at hand.


  • Nala Kumar RS

    IBM once again proves to think big and long term…. They really hate to be in the commodity market and so their share prices high profit 🙂

  • Daniel Petersen

    Don't go to school – Go and get some real experience in eg. a IT startup. THAT will make you unique, compered to your classmates who all learn the same.

  • CJView

    New spin on A.I. computing. They are just trying to breathe life into it (pardon the pun). Processing power will advance as well as automation but these personification phrases are laughable; a computer smelling? Are you trying to imply that a machine that detects a particular chemical is smelling (like a conscious life form?). Silly.

  • Mindaugas Zaronskis

    See: computers see and recognize objects via cameras (take wikitude for e.g.)
    Hear: just a question of analysing sound, speech is recognised well today already
    Smell: a questions of sensors. I doubt that they will be widely used in 5 yrs.
    Feel: sensors again.. you can feel temperature, surface roughness, etc..
    It's mostly about using what is already invented..
    And computers will always be powerful calculators. You might think they are not, but it's only if you don't understand how it works 🙂

  • Kizzume

    Technology that can "smell", better noise-cancelling, and using a camera more often is all feasible, but the way they seem to be pushing this forth seems like the way people thought 2001 was going to be in 1968…

  • Dima Bondarenko

    if computer hear, smell and tastes for me, so why we must live? in point of innovation, its real cool stuff, but in point of "live like humans, that can touch, sens and other stuff" its not good. this video says to us, in 5 years computers will not only think and remeber for u, they will smell, hear and other for you:( and i do not like it. imho

  • bpdoom

    I wonder if they will allow the public to play an interactive role in this such as private persons or groups, i personally would love to be on the cutting edge of this, to be a part of the group that created the first cognitive artificial mind would be "EPIC"! I mean for smell you could have a vacuum running to a infrared microscope that analyzes the cells in the "nose" after adding a chemical that would make the cells register a certain way under specific variables such as temperature!

  • zkiller142

    You're not thinking of the applications. They're not replacing us, they're just being an extra nose, extra ears, extra eyes, etc.

  • Randy Weiss

    but will people take care of these "mind integrated" pieces of machinery.
    im pretty sure it will be like raising a child, and the child could become corrupt..
    you better think & work on that if you havent already

  • Bearded Guy At 420

    War of the Worlds is about an alien invasion. There are all kinds of movies where technology tries to take over or does take over. Terminator, Matrix, RoboCop ETC. You need to watch more movies or refrain from using movies as an analogy. BTW Technology cannot come to life because it is inorganic. Life is designated to living things and that is primarily organic.

  • starview1

    A chip will be designed that will allow the brain to access a data base that will give the user the knowledge /ability to do almost any task as if they were an expert,ie:someone who never lifted a tool to fix an engine will be able to do it as if they always had,fix or build a computer as if they always knewhow.Teachers and universities will no longer be required,the chip will give instant experience for experiences one never had prior.Those without the chip will be left behind. Such is realNow.

  • Jon Tsipori

    Haha were probably going to create computers that can think on how to improve the world and then the computers only reasoning would be to annihilate the human species to restore earth to its natural flow and order.

  • Trevor K

    Wow, I can't wait until the elite has complete control over us. This technological Open Air prison sounds like just wonderful. Finally we can be controlled in such a way we don't even need to use any of our five senses anymore, the computer will do that for us. Really soon we won't even need to think because the computer will do that for us. This is all good news coming from the company that introduced the holocausts prisoner punch card system. Freedom for all…

  • Marcus Lyra

    Technology = frustration
    Human beings, always trying to believe they will someday surpass their own limitations by intelectual projections. Sort of Impossible. Not in physical sense, but in a way machines could really create something human beings had never thought about before.

    A kind of paradoxal Utopy, another modern dream that will vanish away soon.

  • JD S

    When computers begin computing cognitively, we then must determine if and when it's appropriate to treat such a machine as a thinking entity, as an individual. I'm more than a bit uncomfortable with the idea. The thought of the first cognitive computer interacting with its human designers and asking "Who am I?" is something out of a science fiction nightmare, but one I can see rapidly approaching as technology evolves.

  • Sydney Maker's Hub

    Asimov's Rules of Robotics
    1. A robot must never, through action or inaction, allow a human to come to harm.
    2. A robot must obey all orders given by it's master except when such orders conflict with Rule 1
    3. A robot must protect it's own existence except when such existence would conflict with Rule 1 and Rule 2

  • Sock Outlet

    why would you guys even treat a robot like that if they think and interacted like that..You people being scared and down talking the robots would probably be the one to set off something of a Robotic take over

  • Jaime Christo Valencia

    Technology wasn't supposed to evolve this quickly, Who the fuck would want computers to have personalities……smh

  • smb tango

    Why do folks take the time to watch a video knowing before hand they will make some absurd / rude / dumb comment having nothing to do with the video? If folks don't want improved technology, fine. Watch a video on basket weaving instead.

    I think if "perceptive" was used instead of "cognitive" we would get a better grasp of what the video is trying to say. I would LOVE a device that could emit smells for cooking.

  • etld

    Development of hard- and software is great. But with great capacities come great responsibilities. So a plea for development in (AI/)IT-ethics. How? Let’s discuss it out in the open!

    Possible lead: ‘Is Terminator/Skynet scenario likely to happen as we see it now (2013)”


  • Henri Thomas Borno Vatican Answers.

    In love of life, Artificial Intelligence will bring about a New World, and perfect Inventions. Perfect Medicine. How do we get computers to behave and think and interact the way humans do? All binary code combinations that keep going random perfectly at credible speed, over and over and over and over again, to simultaneous. – HTB

  • Henri Thomas Borno Vatican Answers.

    We start from the middle then we are able to pronounce the extremes. (little omen of light just showed, well done Borno! Well done). So we start from the 50 percent of all binary code combination codes possible and set the wave for what is effective, hence pleasurable, and what is ineffective, the opposite, to have them then meet again so to have all effective.

  • Henri Thomas Borno Vatican Answers.

    One program idea with another is a new idea. One invention and a new one is an innovation. One business idea and another is a new business idea, (fast food Diet Vegan), and, two of any concept of any field in any era together brings about inspiration, and, that goes Nasa. I mean, any positive field. Plus, two extreme parallels lift up the center which is meditation, or active contemplation. One behavior and another behavior is a new behavior. Technology teaches us new behaviors.

  • Henri Thomas Borno Vatican Answers.

    I am a chosen one: If you are a magi, I was born 8/7/87 at supposedly 8:7 PM, just about, and, well, lol… who am I? God. Right?

  • BouncyPanda360

    If I was to get something like this, the only thing I would have it smell would be my ass. This is worthless IBM. Make something useful, dumbfucks.

  • anonymousnoodle34


  • BouncyPanda360

    One sec, I'm attempting to give a shit about what some troll has to say about my opinion. Once I'm done with that, I'll be sure to make a much more useful device.

  • Bosch

    Awesome innovations that are innevitable and not by far as dangerous as most people here are suggesting.They will make our lives so much easier! A link with iRobot is made here, seriously, peepz? Better to be from the minds of a socially responsible company such as IBM with their experience than a reckless one. I have no doubt that sufficient security measures will be in place (have you seen IBM's security line up? They probably protect 90% of all your data already) if these are even necessary.

  • Adima Sund

    This is absolute waste of time. There is no viable use of computers like this. Imagine a group of hackers getting access to these stuff. Already with Internet, we are having security issues. With this technology ,humans are under constant threat.

  • TheCrabHunter

    why are so many shitting their pants 'cause the robots might "harm" us ? I mean we kill each other since the dawn of time a few robots would change something and if we let them think like we do they will probably end up killing each other just like we do.

  • frontview org

    IBM = Death.  IN the future computers will be able to touch, taste, and smell your enslavement and have the ability to use these capabilities against society in a profound way. Controlling the people is priority for trans national corporations, coming from a dark history and beginnings of this profit driven Corp. ITS just a matter of time before touch, taste, and smell will be used against everyone. Brings a whole new dimension to advertisement, These BOLD FACED LAIR'S…

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