Cobie Smulders Didn’t Know She Was Playing an Alien in Spider-Man
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Cobie Smulders Didn’t Know She Was Playing an Alien in Spider-Man

-Welcome back.
How have you been? -I’ve been great.
It’s lovely to be back. Thank you for having me.
-How’s the fam? How’s the daughters?
-Everybody’s doing great -How old are they now?
-They’re 10 and almost 5. Getting double digits
up in here. It’s crazy. Yeah, it’s crazy.
-Happened so fast. Are they getting super psyched
for the holidays? -Yeah. I feel like,
you know, after Halloween, it’s just like a bullet
into Christmas. I don’t know why we just
go right over Thanksgiving. What happened?
-Yeah, you’re right. -What happened
with the most grateful — This is the grateful holiday
of the year. We should be
really celebrating this. -Nah.
[ Laughter ] Come on, we got to
get to the presents. -“Forget about it.
Give me my presents.” -I love Thanksgiving.
-I love Thanksgiving, too. I’m hosting a dinner
with 60 people on Thursday. [ Audience “oohs” ]
-Wait. What? -Yeah, 60 people.
-Where do you do this? -At my house.
-Wow. [ Laughter ]
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. -Yeah, yeah.
-No, I have a rule. No more than two people
over the house. [ Laughter ]
-Very intimate. -Yeah, I really want to
make sure I can hear everyone. [ Laughter ]
60 people in your house. -60 people is intense.
We had 89 last year. -Oh, my gosh!
-I don’t even have — I don’t know
who all these people are. I’m not that popular.
I don’t have that many friends. But on Thanksgiving —
-Who is it? -It’s all of Taran’s family,
and then a lot of Canadians. [ Laughter ] -In Canada, you have
Thanksgiving — -Yeah, in October.
We, like, do it earlier. -Yeah, I like that.
-So there’s a lot of displaced Canadians
that find a home to go to. -I need to space out
my holidays. -We got to space it out more,
you guys. -Because then you have that,
then you have New Year’s. I’ve been missing
my last couple New Year’s. -I know, me, too.
It’s just like — -I’m exhausted.
-When you have kids, it’s a hard holiday
to celebrate. -They don’t quite understand it.
-No, no. -Like, “Wake up!”
♪ Mrr-mrr-mrr ♪ -Celebrate and go to bed. [ Air horn blows ]
Oh, thank you! -Crying, they want
their bottles of milk. I’m like, “Get lost.”
-“Get out of here. Hit the road.”
-“Have a little fun.” -I know, come on,
it’s New Year’s! -You got a cool dad.
Come on, man. -Yeah, he’s super cool.
-[ Laughs ] But it is almost time for — you
know what I’m talking about. -What?
-The Tom Cruise cake. -Tom Cruise cake,
the glorious — -We talked about this.
-The most glorious time of year. Do you also receive
the Tom Cruise cake? -I totally get
the Tom Cruise cake. [ Laughter ]
Is that a thing we do? -It’s this because immediately,
you’re so grateful for the Tom Cruise cake.
-Tom Cruise gives you a cake… -You guys, you guys.
-…if you’re on the list. -You guys,
if you are on the list — -If you’re on the list —
-If you’re lucky enough to be on this list, he —
-Tom Cruise will send you a cake…
-Yeah. -…during the holidays,
and is it a coconut — -White chocolate coconut cake.
-It’s unbelievable. -I receive it.
And hopefully — maybe if I talk about it
on television, I will for sure receive it.
But it’s so good. I leave it in my freezer,
and it lasts until March. Like, I just slowly
chip away at this thing. -Wow. -It’s so good.
I don’t know why. I’m not even
a big sweets person. -I’m not either.
-But it’s so good. -It’s Tom Cruise.
-It’s Tom Cruise. Delicious. -You get a cake, you get
anything from Tom Cruise — -It’s going to be good.
-You eat, you put it in the freezer,
and you save it for a year. -It’s gonna be good.
[ Laughter ] -Take it out, have the kids
take pictures with it. -You just kind of hold it.
-“Take a picture with this cake! It’s Tom Cruise cake.” They’re like,
“I just want to go to sleep.” ♪ Mrr-mrr mrr ♪
[ Laughter ] Eat the cake! Eat the cake!
Eat the cake! -Take that cake.
-Eat the cake. -Take that cake.
-Cool dad. -Cool dad! I’m a cool dad.
-Taking the cake. [ Air horn blows ]
[ Laughter ] -My kids are so lucky
I’m their dad. -Oh, my gosh.
-They’re so lucky to have you. Can I just say?
They don’t even know. -I hope I get the cake, though,
this year. I got to say, you should get it
because you were in “Avengers,” you were in “Spider-Man,”
and combined, those films made
almost $4 billion. -$4 billion.
I feel like that’s — [ Cheers and applause ]
Yeah. -Cobie!
-Yeah! -You’re in
billion-dollar movies? -Um, I guess I am. It’s weird. -“Spider-Man,”
you wouldn’t tell — I was trying to get a twist
out of you last time. -You were.
-So I was being a little hard on you.
-You were. It was really —
I left in tears. -I got to make the headlines.
You left in tears. Yeah, I know, ’cause I was
screaming at you all the way. -He’s very intimidating.
All the way into the limousine, I was yelling.
[ Laughter ] “Give me a scoop!”
[ Laughter ] No, but I wanted you
to maybe say — -I don’t know any — They
don’t tell me anything. -You didn’t know
that you were an alien? -Well, no, I didn’t know that.
So, I mean, everybody — I’m even scared
to talk about it now, and it’s been out
for six months. -It’s already out, yeah.
Everyone knows. They’re cool with it.
-They’re cool. At the end of “Spider-Man,”
it’s revealed that — that we’re actually aliens.
And I think they made that decision,
after watching it and editing it all together,
to make us aliens, because I didn’t know about it. But Kevin Feige did tell me,
like, a week out, before it. He’s like, “Oh, oh, hey –”
-“Oh, by the way –” -“You’re an alien.”
[ Laughter ] -“You’ve been playing an alien
the whole movie.” -It feels…
-“Congrats.” -…like there’s
a big master plan. And if there is, I’m — I’m —
I don’t know about it. -You would come back?
-Of course. -Yeah, they’re fun to do, right?
-They’re a blast. They’re an absolute blast.


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