CloudFlare/GoDaddy – Minecraft Server
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CloudFlare/GoDaddy – Minecraft Server

hello everybody! BethePandaGames here today and we are going to do another very important how to video this video will be on how to get your domain setup for your minecraft server using godaddy and cloudflare. I hope you enjoy! 😀 Hello everybody, this video will be put into 2 different videos to focus on a specific subject because there are 2 ways or doing this one of the ways are easier, but it costs a little more but the other way is cheaper and in my personal opinion i think it is a little safer but it does take a little more steps, but don’t worry we’ll cover it all so some of the things that we will be using in this first video will Obviously be a dedication IP and Godaddy for the second video we will be using a dedicated ip you will still need godaddy but you will have to create a cloudflare account don’t worry i will explain it all in a little bit but if you don’t have a dedicated IP godhead and click the screen now and you will be taken to the next video but if you have a dedicated IP… and you want to see the easy way… well you are welcome to stay here! but people without a dedicated IP Get out of here… haha! I am just kidding you are welcome to stay here too So let me explain what a dedicated IP is A dedicated IP is really just a “Dedicated Port” Hosting companies can not afford to give out dedicated IP’s I know.. I know.. Then what the heck are we paying for!? well you are paying for the server but most hosts will let you buy a dedicated IP, most hosting companies will give you something like 999.999.123.555 and than at the end there will be a :32475 or something random like that, but if the port is not 25565 that means you are not dedicated


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