Cloud Server & Storage Hosting — Making IT Admin Lives Easier
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Cloud Server & Storage Hosting — Making IT Admin Lives Easier

You never expected your job to be easy, people
rely on you. The systems you maintain allow them to do their jobs. That is why you hold
yourself to the highest standards. That is why your Cloud needs to do more than just
store stuff. Your Cloud is in for music or documents. Your Cloud empowers getting work
done via state of the art software and apps that make security worries a thing of the
past. Your Cloud provides reliable infrastructure
so you can step back and see the big picture. Your Cloud freeze you from the grunt work
and allows you to focus on strategy while maintaining a real time control. So why build
your own hardware solution, with a hidden cost and hassles of overseeing a real estate
and utilities, not to mention providing 24/7 support. Your Cloud avoids all that. You get your Cloud on your terms with Savv
Is Direct. Make your day-to-day responsibilities easy with reliable platform and infrastructure
as a service you spend less time maintaining and upgrading equipment, yet still retain
control of your configuration in real time with a roll based access via our powerful
management console. You can rely on the powerfully fast highly available and award winning CenturyLink
network to provide the rock solid service you need. You can trust in a fully encrypted and compliant
multilevel security storage system and you can choose from our portfolio of integrated
SAS offerings to improve productivity and efficiency across your organization from developers
to desktops. Plus, you can maintain high availability with fully elastic server configs all frictionless.
So you can make changes in minutes, not ours with one provider and one place to manage
your entire infrastructure quickly and easily. Your Cloud is at your fingertips with Savv
Is Direct.

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