Cloud Hosting: Self-Healing, High Availability
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Cloud Hosting: Self-Healing, High Availability

Meet Seb and Dave,
They both used to run very successful online websites, business was booming and everything
was great. So great that their Shared hosting services were starting to struggle and they both needed to upgrade to a dedicated server. Seb went for FirstServ’s Self Healing Cloud solution. Dave laughed and said he could get it cheaper
if he went for a VPS solution with a larger multi- national. Sebs option gives him a guaranteed amount of CPU, RAM and Storage Daves option gives him an amount of CPU, RAM and Storage too, albeit not guaranteed, but thats ok right..? and his provider assures him there is plenty of capacity on their new servers! Everything goes swimmingly, and as their websites
grow, so does their need for more performance. Unfortunately for Dave, he can only grow as
big as the remaining resources on his providers server, and has to compete with the other
customers on the same server for what little is left, once its gone, its gone! The only
option then for Dave is to hope one of the other customers leaves, or to have his provider shutdown his server, download his data, provision a new physical server, upload his data, configure it, and start over again! Oh Boy! Seb’s website continues to grow and grow
… and grow…. with the Cloud automatically migrating his server whenever her orders more
resources, live, without any downtime or lost orders! and if that wasn’t bad enough, what if the
physical server fails? As a VPS only runs on a single server, Daves website is down and all of his clients data is lost! Lucky for Seb, he was a clever clogs and took FirstServ’s Self-Healing Cloud solution meaning his website automatically switched to run on one of the other Cloud head units and carries on as normal.

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