Cloud Firestore Pricing | Get to Know Cloud Firestore #3
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Cloud Firestore Pricing | Get to Know Cloud Firestore #3


  • Robert Brunhage

    Will you implement a backup button for firestore and also upload a json / excel file with data to create a backup system?

  • Mitch TheAlien

    What will be the average cost of a cloud function set to run every 15 minutes while reading, updating and deleting cloud fire-store documents at the same time?

  • Javier Antón Rábade

    I've just made a cost estimation 2 days ago, and I supposed everything you told, but that was really interesting as long as you confirmed everything I was doubting about. Thank you very much, that's a great video.

  • Abhideep Chakravarty

    This is unfair to count result count as read count. I get 20 result or 100, its just one read for me. Isnt it? 🙁

  • Todd Kerpelman

    Fun fact: The original script for this video had me saying "nachos", but we couldn't find any restaurant that was nearby and serving nachos when we were filming.

    In other news, I still want nachos.

  • Janice Kartika

    Now finally that makes sense to have the data denormalized from the pricing point of view, so we don't need to look up to bunch of docs while performing read operations, instead we should do that while performing write operations (which is much better because write happens not as often as read). Is it right?

  • Chris Curnow

    This was indeed a great, useful and easy to listen video. Todd, you are a natural in front of the camera. Just a tiny little thing though. It's now August and we are really missing you. We want more of you.

  • Marcos Galaviz

    Very nice, could you help me a little? im trying to use Firestore with Polymer, I obtain an array to send it to polymer in a dom-repeat like this:

    var query=db.collection("operaciones");
    .onSnapshot((querySnapshot) => {
    querySnapshot.forEach(function(doc) {
    console.log (that.operacionesPorCliente); // this works but the ID doesnt exist here….
    that works but that array doesnt contain the id from firestore, the problem is that I need that ID to update the data 🙁 but it isn't in the array

  • Akshay bahir

    is any way to add the whole list to Firestore with one request instead of calling the api as many times as the list size ??

  • Arnav Bansal

    Firestore is AWESOME. I recently used it in an application for triaging help requests from the Kerala floods.

    My design required generating scores from every request document, and this design did lead to some costs, since I was reading several thousand documents every query. I wish I'd watched this video, since Cloud datastore might have been a better match.

    But Firestore scaled well nevertheless, and I was able to handle more than a thousand users in an emergency situation. I paid nothing, since the costs were super low, and I was on the GCP trial.

  • Chris Curnow

    Hey its past September 1st. Come on Todd. We want more!! How can you keep us waiting so long? Don't care if it's got anything new about Firestore. We just want the humour!!

  • Justin Weberg

    Can you split storage across Firestore and firebase in a single app and somehow link the data clientside to save money? #askfirebase

  • Ram. JR

    How does StreamBuilder of Flutter affect the pricing in general? It's excellent to show the real-time data, looks more dynamic but on the other hand have to worry about the cost.

  • Andre Arsenault

    I'm going through the process of estimating the potential volume of Firestore operations for a prototype we are developing, but on the Google Cloud Console / App Engine / Quotas page there is no View Usage History button as illustrated in this video. Do you know why that is?

    I can do my estimates with napkin math but I'd prefer to see actual usage from testing sessions to confirm things are working as expected.

  • Coketown

    AWS is still cheaper at scale but I wonder if Firestore will try to take those giant apps away from AWS through more competitive pricing or continue to dominate the smaller-scale space like RTDB has been doing.

  • Sushanth Bobby

    I got caught in the example. Best usecase for a Firestore is a stock app. But that costs more, but that's where the it's really required ( being realtime) or a Dashboard kind of application where the values keeps changing. For a restaurant review app can't a MySQL or any other relational dbs can take care of it. So for stock apps people should use firebase.

    Your pricing guys are right on the money and stopping people from making an app via Firestore. This is an excellent to learn about pricing glad that its in the pricing page.

    All i get from the video, below apps can be built using Firestore as storage, but it many times faster than firebase and has lots of features.
    1. Chats
    2. Customer enquiry with support similar to chats usually 1 on 1
    3. Games like chess, crosswords and scrabble
    4. Dashboard application where it's only available to few users or dashboard which is displayed on TV to few people
    5. Todo apps
    6. Note taking apps but use pagination, if there going to be lots of apps. Think how search feature can be implemented if reads cost.
    7. Blogs

    All firestore apps can be built here which listed above can be built here but has lesser features than firestore.

    Since there is no migrate button. One has to decide where firebase or Firestore needs to be used in the beginning of the project itself as database structure itself is different

    Cloud functions updating document should be free or free limit on number of writes by functions as it usually used for correcting or adding fields.

  • Liam Bradford

    When measuring Firestore usage you're now able to use the Stack Driver APIs as well as view the usage tab in the Firebase Console now

  • Mark mentions one can only have one firestore database per project, namely 'default'. Is this still true or can I have > 1 database per project?

  • Pramod N K

    How to estimate number of reads. Without any operation/querying my reads are increasing for every 10 min.
    Can you please provide any documentation link for the same.

  • Jose Piñero

    Why if you have a collection in the first position of the root, and that collection has 15 documents (3 fields), the readings are increased automatically, not even 15, but 30. It means that if I want to consult any collection using Chrome or Safari (it does not matter), just visualizing that collection automatically loads each document and multiplies it by 2? If I have a 'Users' collection, with a thousand documents, it means that it will increase to 2000 readings ??, … I don't know …

    At least I saw if you create a collection in the first position, with a document and with empty fields, even if the browser loads automatically the first collection (because it does), every time you consult the database, it will only count some readings. If you had a collection with 20,000 documents, in only one click or load you would spend 40000 reads??

    If someone has to monitor the data in their database, he only exceeds the limits. I don't consider it fair, that the readings are counted from the console

  • Dara To

    Anyone knows more info about the storage of binary object as values to store icons and small avatars that he mentioned in the video? I can't seem to find much documentation about it online. The bytes data type is also no longer in the list to choose in Firestore. Is it because Firebase wants us to use Cloud storage instead?

  • Marwan Ghubein

    What about document management apps? Could you please start with backendless as it an alternative to firebase , again it's still expensive and unpredictable price in many cases

  • Sebastian Daza

    Awesone explanation, but i have a doubt if in a transaction i create a collection a document another collection and another document related all of them (for example university -> class -> teachers approximately ), it was billed as 4 write operation or only a single write operation. Thanks in advance

  • Kevin Burton

    Your example of the chat app I think is missing the option of using Google Cloud Messaging. Yes. The fan out could be expensive but you could also just rewrite it to use a GCM topic (for free) and use that for delivering real time messages. Writes would go to the DB only and would be 1/1000th of th total volume. Reads would only happen for a new client. Not the existing ones. The existing ones just use the GCM topic. Writes would have to go both to the database and the GCM topic.

  • knowledge

    Whatever Google is paying you. I'm sure it's not enough, you are wonderful explaining things.
    Please open other channel so you can explain other hard techi stuff to us, that would be wonderful

  • Ben B

    This is the stuff that developers talk about when they're designing something for a client, but don't tell them. Thanks!

  • Shripad Ashtekar

    Could you please help me with the firestore storage billing for images? I am new to it and I want to know how it is charged. If I upload a 10 MB image and 10 users are downloading it, Will I be charged for 10MB upload and 10*10 MBs of download (which is GB Transferred)? Or will I be charged, just for upload and download operations?

  • Michael D

    Update in regards to statement at 2:25: Under the heading 'Minimum charge for queries':
    "There is a minimum charge of one document read for each query that you perform, even if the query returns no results."

  • Miabella Salon and Medical Spa

    You just confirmed my greatest fear: firestore bill unpredictable. Not going to take a chance. Thanks!

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