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Cloud DevOps Architect Masters Program Training | Intellipaat

according to the average
salary of a cloud engineer is 130 thousand dollars in the u.s. in India it
is 7 lakh rupees per annum according to Forbes by the Year 2021 80%
of the IT workloads are going to be there on the cloud so that speaks a ton
above the bright future of which cloud has a head welcome to this course on
cloud and DevOps architect masters training which is co-created by IBM this
training consists of six months of rigorous training on cloud and DevOps
three months of industry oriented project work and finally lifelong
technical support for cloud and DevOps finally, we also have a capstone project
which will basically make use of all the concepts that you will be learning in
the six months span of time that you will be spending with us where we will
be training you on cloud and DevOps we are Intellipaat aim to be the most
customer-centric company in the world and for this if you commit to us that
you want to learn cloud and DevOps we will ensure that you become one of the
best cloud engineers in the industry now for backing this commitment of hours we
give you the following features we give you live instructor led training which
means you can clear all the doubts on the go we provide you 24/7 support so
even if you are stuck at a concept at the end or you are in a different time
zone our technical support team is always at your disposal to get it out
clear we also offer you lifetime access to all the course content our support
team and the light trainings that we conduct and then we also give you
industry oriented projects which basically have been created by top
project managers from around the industry you are working on the cloud
and DevOps domain then we also conduct mock interviews who are basically taken
up by hiring managers who hire cloud and DevOps professionals day in and day out
and finally we also give you job assistance in which will help you in
resume a building and also forward your resumes to all the companies that we
train now let’s move forward and understand how the course content has
been curated for you we went through 100-plus job descriptions of the cloud
engineer profile from various job portals like indeed linkedin glass door
and naukri and with this extensive skill set which is
required by a cloud engineer when they apply to a company then we got these
skills double-checked by hiring managers who hire cloud and DevOps professionals
and that’s how we came up with this exhaustive course of the cloud and
DevOps master architect course that is here today now this course includes a
perfect combination of self-paced and instructor-led training and these are
the course contents for you so in instructor training we offer you google
cloud Microsoft Azure AWS DevOps and Python and then we also give you
some essential skills in our self-paced courses such as Java and Linux this
training will ensure that you get all the skills required to become a cloud
engineer who is the best in the industry so enroll with us today and get a dream
job in the next nine months


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