Cloud computing – The Cloud Mall
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Cloud computing – The Cloud Mall

Like me, you can see the very large world
of cloud computing as the biggest world mall: The cloud mall. Here, people around the globe can buy and
sell computational services, like hosting, storage or applications, needing nothing more
than an internet connection. Inside the cloud mall, you can find three
floors where are offered different services: -The Infrastructure as a service. -The platform as a service. -The software as a service. At the first floor, the Infrastructure as
a service’s floor , you can see tons of both, physical and virtual hardware resources,
just like processors, RAM, network interfaces or graphic cards. You can find, also, operative systems image
files ready to be installed in your hand-made machine. In the other hand, at the platform as a service’s
floor, business are a little different. This services store is more practical than
first, and you will never see and individual part of anything, because all products here
offered are just preassembled machines with software like operative system and database
or applications servers, that you can buy for install your own apps immediately, without
take care about the resources management. How cloud mall is bigger as the internet,
there are a universe of possibilities at the moment of customize the machine that you want
buy, depending on your needs or darker desires. And finally, last but not least, at the software
as a service’s floor you will find no more that software applications that end users
or companies can use for their business or entertainment. At the top of most used app’s categories
we can mention social networks, media players, ofimatic software, resource management and
online games, among others. This is a simple way to understand the cloud
computing environment in a higher abstraction level. Every day more companies are moving on the
cloud mall to have a presence in the wide world of the internet and get many more customers. I’m Fredy Arciniegas. Thanks for watching.

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