• Ajith Chowdary

    The professor's knowledge is kinda good but his presentation and English language is worst ever. It takes some time to understand what he was talking about. sometimes I get very irritated with his English. He may be good at the skill but worst at presenting that. Maybe he should have given his students for presenting the stuff. Finally, not the stuff I excepted from IIT disappointed.

  • yash javeri

    The content is impressive. But sir just a suggestion : Do something of your presentation and English. English, I do not think its possible now but atleast keep the video quality available at 720p atleast. I mean its avail at 480p, wdh! Talking about technology and using recording in 480p camera. IIT can sure afford a good camera.

  • sujal saha

    The way in which you are presenting is seriously very difficult to understand and other than that your English is very poor.


    Sir is giving very useful content. if anyone has problem then go for paid site but at least you should show respect to him. stop blamming yr.

  • vijay raghavan

    Excellent content and very well presented. There is absolutely nothing wrong with his English or his accent. People who are writing negative here are the kind of people who will complain about anything and everything in life. Bring the change in yourself first instead of expecting others to do so.

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