Cloud Computing, Free Drop Billy, and Mor Spirit, at Spendthrift
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Cloud Computing, Free Drop Billy, and Mor Spirit, at Spendthrift

Hi there, Lucas Marquardt with the
Thoroughbred Daily News. We’re in the second part of our series on Spendthrift
Farm’s new sires for 2019. Last time we looked at Bolt d’Oro, this
time we’re going to look at three sires standing for $10,000 or less for the
2019 season. They include the Preakness winner, Cloud Computing, the grad one Met
Mile winner, Mor Spirit, and the grade one winning juvenile, Free Drop Billy. We were glad to be able to get him bought and he’s been extremely well received,
you know. Chad jokingly said, “You know, I know some horses coming off the
track, you know, they need a little bit of time before you show him,” he said, “Let me
tell you how much time you need on this horse. As soon as he walks off of the
van, hook a shank to him and start showing him,” he said, “He is just drop-dead
gorgeous.” And he is. He’s a beautiful beautiful horse. You start
looking at the fact that Mike Ryan bought this horse and of course Mike,
there’s not many people with a hotter hand than him, he is just such a
tremendous judge of horseflesh and, you know, for him to stretch out there on
this horse, you know, at the time when no one really had anything to hang their
hat on outside of MacLean’ Music’s brilliance in that race and so Mike saw
something in this horse and, you know, it was verified with the success he had
when he got to the races and, you know, that makes you give pause and take a another look at this horse. He’s going to breed a book right around 175
mares this year. He’s been very well-received, it took about two days for
the share, the upside, the sellout, on this horse, so extremely exciting. Breeders
have just- as soon as you lead him out, you know, they say “Hey, just hook me up
I want a season.” And it’s a lot of fun when you can show off a horse like that It is an amazing family, I mean it’s a
direct family of Cozzene and anytime that, you know, you’ve got Helen Alexander
that’s, you know, bred this horse and the success that Hawkbill had this year,
it’s a very very good pedigree and there’s a lot of very successful horses
in that pedigree and, you know, I think he offers breeders a chance, you know, to
breed to a horse that was a grade one winner at two, has this just
outstanding female family that has sires, proven sires, in the pedigree, you know, to
be able to breed to him and earn a lifetime breeding right for $10,000, you
know, that’s hard to beat and we think that as breeders come out to the farm
and have a chance to see Free Drop Billy that, you know, they’re gonna see this
beautiful son of Union Rags that had all of this talent at two and that pedigree to
go along with it gives them a very good chance to be able to be a part of a
program, you know, to be involved with a successful stallion down the road that
having a lifetime breeding right in will turn out to be a very successful story
for them. You could look at this horse and think, you know, “Hey, he’s very well. Could
wind up being a sire that could not only get you high-performing dirt horse but
with being a half to Hawkbill, you know, you wouldn’t be surprised to see
something jump up and be able to win an important race on the grass.” No
question about it. Met Mile was just one of those
performances that we’ve talked about with some of these other stallion prospects.
It just, was one of that brilliant moment that you just said, “Man!” I mean, it’s just
amazing that performance that day. For him to just cruise around there as fast
as they were going and then when Mike Smith, I asked him turning for home, you
know, he just drew away from the field and won as easy as can be and, you know,
to run a hundred and seventeen buyer that’s just not something you see every
day. We have another stallion standing over here, Cross Traffic, that did the
same thing in his career and he’s the leading freshman sire, he just had a
Breeders Cup winner in his first crop that’s likely champion two-year-old
filly, so when you see a horse do that, like Mor Spirit, you’ve already had the
success with Cross Traffic, well, you know, you want to go out and find every one of
those horses that can run that fast and add them to your stallion roster. And when you
stand away from him, he is so well- balanced that you look at him and you’re
like, “Well, how big is he?” And then you walk into him and
he’s almost 16 3. I mean, he is a massive horse, he’s got so much bone and so much
body and he’s out of a Dixie Union mayor and he’s just got that very very pretty
look to him and then you add all of the talent to that it gets you very
excited about what the future holds for Mor Spirit.

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