• Seoyoung Kim

    I really like his teaching skill. Normally they teach me "what" load balancer is. but he teach me, what is the problem and "why" load balancer is better solution than other possible solutions.

    정말 가르치는 방식이 감탄스럽네요. 그냥 부하분산이란 이런거야 가르치지 않고, 네트워크 상에서 어떤 문제가 있는데, 이런경우 해결책이 뭔지 모두 끄집어 내서 결국 왜 부하분산을 쓰게 되는지를 가르칩니다. 거기에 만약 부하분산을 썼을때 또 어떤 문제가 발생하고 또 어떻게 해결하는지 등등.. 정말이지 컴퓨터사이언스에대해 제대로 알고 있어서 이런 스토리텔링이 가능한것 같습니다.

  • EvaZeroOne

    Professor Malan: After watching the CS50 lectures I wanted more. You could lecture on just about any topic in CS or otherwise and I would watch it. You cover things in a way that is both interesting and motivating. It makes me want to study CS seriously. Thank you posting these!!!

  • Cung Le

    I have been using 1&1. So far so good. Try 1&1 cloud service at – https://www.1and1.com/dynamic-cloud-server?ac=OM.US.USf11K357093T7073a&kwk=526936489

  • Tauqeer Bashir

    Professor Malan; thanks a million for these videos. It's been a huge help for me. You are a gifted teacher and you are doing God's work in spreading your knowledge to the rest of us. Keep up the awesome work and please keep posting more videos on CS. I wish you were teaching when I was getting my MBA. I wish you great success and may you keep spreading knowledge to the world for a long time sir!

  • desmond markin

    I like the entire video, very educative, if anyone takes the time to listen carefully to this video, cloud computing will be very clear and understandable, thanks.

  • Ryan V B

    I love his teaching style. Most tech lectures tend be very boring and I easily lose concentration 10 minutes into the video. Thanks for the upload!

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