Cloud Computing, Cell Phone Security in Plain Hindi (English Subtitle)
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Cloud Computing, Cell Phone Security in Plain Hindi (English Subtitle)

Do you or anyone in India know … In America, in all meetings of the board of directors In any kind of room The room is locked for one hour after the meeting. You didn’t know that! Do you? That Room! Manish: “Why?” Because … In American, they have the technology, where anyone with their special machine can go to that room, within an hour, after the meeting and sniff out the audio from the air. It takes exactly an hour for the audio to totally disappear. Let me educate you on another thing. As to today, there are instructions in America, whenever an executive’s done with his or her phone, they cannot sell to the junk-yard dealer. Do you know how much these phones sell for? What’s happening is You got the SIM card out but that SIM card removal won’t solve your problem. See, the data from the SIM Card goes to the battery. The data from the SIM card got transferred to the battery. Manish: “it goes to the battery!” The data is ‘transmit’-ted You better try to understand this “process”, it’s a craze there. In America, there are lots of shops just to buy those used phone. The only question asked is, “Whose phone was this?” See! Manish: “Who’s was that!” In America, strict instructions are given to destroy a used phone with a sledge hammer once they’re done with. Many companies had to incur millions of dollar just because they didn’t destroy their phone. See! Nobody knew at the beginning! Poor fellow! You feel that all your data is in that small SIM Card. Don’t be fooled! See, if a SIM Card is in contact with the battery for enough time all data get transferred, including ‘secret’ phone numbers. As I told you, we now live in a world where there are such Technology are commonplace. And ‘one more thing’. These days, the whole ‘technological system’ comes from the ‘Cloud CD’ Do you realize that there is ‘no need for no software no more’. For instance, if you use Google all your documents gets recorded in your computer. Manish: “It gets installed on the computer!” All the softwares of Google! Have you ever seen any ‘Software CD’ from Google? No, right! You’ll never see their software in the CD-Stand! It’s all in the ‘Cloud’, the ‘Cloud CD’. We’re now in a new generation, wherein besides connecting to the cloud, You can get all the softwares and documents from the ‘cloud’. Till date, no study is conclusive, “Manish Ji” If during the monsoon or in a storm. Can there be ‘aberration’ in the data? Assume, in case of an ‘aberration’. Look at the case of the “Unique ID” for Indians. What happens to a poor fellow … Whose data was collected in the normal weather. The Unique Identity will have to be in the forest. Where the weather is clear to upload data to the ‘cloud’. We’ve to go deep miles and miles into the forest! The ‘cloud’ was good at that time. That gets uploaded to a particular ‘Cloud CD.’ That creates a ‘Cloud Scene.” That’s at a good state of the Cloud with the data. Manish: “Ji” (read “Yes”) So, when you check back later on. What if it’s raining at that time, the weather is bad. Obviously, the data will be faulty, even corrupted. The poor fellow is arrested, because of the wrong data. Assume if such error is just at 3% when the arrest started. Or at 2%, even 1% with the Indian population is humongous. The victim is already arrested, jailed … So, what would be the ‘efficacy’? This is such an unfortunate event with our country. When a developed country like Britain after 8 years of un-satisfied research, abandoned the idea. They had rejected this very proposition. “We’re not yet ‘technologically’ ‘proved’ to pursue further.” In a rare case of “aggress” possibility of point zero zero zero zero zero ONE I’d instantly buy that system! Because there are no system with 100% accuracy. Manish: “But this changes … the whole game …” Even in a 1% possibility, or a 2% Well then either the 2% is arrested or just the 2% is the right data. That defeats the Purpose! Subtitle by @brajeshwar


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