Cloud Computing Benefits/Advantages.  Eliminate IT capital expenses.
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Cloud Computing Benefits/Advantages. Eliminate IT capital expenses.

Hello, I’m Rachael Ruble with FiberLine Communications. Thank you for joining us for the latest in our series on the advantages of cloud computing. This week we will discuss the cloud computing advantage of Elimination of Capital Expenses. Prior to public cloud computing, if you owned or ran a business, you would need to develop and maintain an expensive IT infrastructure for the effective operation of your business. This included buying servers for capital expenditures of between $3,000 to $20,000 each, hiring skilled IT staff for approximately $100,000 per year each, and setting aside valuable business space for a server room that required special security and precise cooling systems. Additionally, capital expenses for operating systems and application software would be required. Traditional IT often develop over time into large data centers and server farms that consume ah huge portion of your capital
budget. Despite all of these expenditures, this would not have been an efficient IT system. In building this infrastructure, much valuable business time would be reallocated. Your IT infrastructure would provide little flexibility. And scalability would require added capital
expenses. Because this IT infrastructure would need to be built to accommodate time periods of peak need, there would be much waste during normal times, or during periods when business is slow. Also, because maintaining an IT infrastructure often requires the lion’s share of your
IT resources, the focus of your IT department and often other critical staff would be allocated away from mission critical priorities that would better serve your customers. Today, with public cloud computing you can access virtually all of the business applications needed for your company to be effective without your business needing to invest in capital expenses to build a large IT infrastructure, hiring expensive staff to develop and maintain it, and wasting valuable company time and other resources to develop it. The cloud allows your company to pay as you go, without investing large portions of your CapEx budget in an inefficient infrastructure that will never fully meet the needs of your company. With cloud computing, someone else will be responsible for your
IT needs while your company focuses on meeting your customers’ needs proactively. With cloud computing you company will never again need to focus your valuable time, attention and expenditures on buying servers, buying and upgrading software licenses, IT maintenance and expensive IT personnel. The cloud can ensure state-of-the-art security, automatic software upgrades, bandwidth redundancy, the flexibility and scalability required to make your company first to market, power redundancy, 24/7 IT oversight, same day backup and disaster recovery service level guarantees, with no capital expenses. If your company is a new startup, cloud computing will eliminate the need for a Capex budget for the development of an expensive and inflexible IT infrastructure. Your growing company will immediately enjoy the benefits of flexibility and scalability required by new companies fighting to find their niche. Only pay for the IT services you actually
use, as you use them, and because of economies of scale, your IT expenditures will be reduced by about
50%. Thank you for joining us for this discussion. If you have questions, or if you would like a free consultation with one of our certified engineers, please give us a call, or use the contact form on our website. A link to our website is located immediately below this video. If you would like to watch other videos which address related topics, please click on one of these green links. Or, click the link to our website, directly beneath this video to use our patented real-time pricing tool. This pricing tool is easy to use, and there is no obligation. Our pricing tool will assist you in checking prices and availability, for any business telecom service for your
business location, including: T1, Ethernet, Fiber, Voice, VOIP, larger circuits
like DS3, Fast E or Gig E, or networking between business
locations, for any location in the United States, or, international networks, please visit our website at I’m Jody Ellen, the Director of Training here at FiberLine
Communications. Thank you for joining us today for this training


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