Cloud Computing at BCIT
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Cloud Computing at BCIT

I think a lot of us use cloud computing
and we don’t even know it. Many of us have gmail accounts. We use backup
services to the cloud like Dropbox every single day and that for many of us is
cloud computing. A more formal definition would be something like on-demand,
anywhere access to resources that are provided on a pay-as-you-go service. The
biggest providers of cloud computing are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platform. Canada is about ready to have an explosion of demand for
cloud computing services in the public sector. Amazon is going to open a data
center in Montreal later this year, and Microsoft has already opened data
centers in Toronto and Quebec City. Up until recently, Canadian companies didn’t
want to store their data outside of Canada in data centers in the US. Public
sector institutions can now use cloud computing because they know the data
will be stored in Canada. The Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada published a study earlier this year which tried to identify the areas
that we need more talent, and those areas included apps and services, mobile data
analytics, and cloud computing. I think they’re recognizing that with these data
centers opening there’s going to be a huge demand for cloud computing talent,
and I think BCIT is going to be in a great position to train students for
jobs as cloud architects, cloud engineers, cloud developers. We’re going to expand and add three new
courses in cloud computing: Cloud Computing Platforms, DevOps, and
Programming in the Cloud, so this will be very new for BCIT. I think students will
be really interested and excited to take these courses. There are so many great jobs going
unfilled in this area in Vancouver, Toronto, and other areas of Canada. The
amount of money spent on cloud computing last year was 70 billion dollars
globally. That’s going to double in four years. I think the opportunities are
currently endless and so we’re hoping BCIT can start providing that kind of
talent. you

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