Clickterr Advertise his Server lmao (ft.Vocodexx)
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Clickterr Advertise his Server lmao (ft.Vocodexx)

Clickterr (Doukas Pj): OK, where should I start in this video? le shook Oh! Hi! Æ?, Uh? I didn’t see u there Uh… Hey Guys! so today i have an announcement to make. now, before you ask anything Yes, i was inspired by Bazzurd, and Duckala, and Slapoda (AND what else?) heh heh yea, that’s right! you read the title and the thumbnail of this very?video (heh grammars) I have my Discord server now! (how is this a new trend? like why?) yay it’s called “Clickterr’s Mechanical Lair” i’ll put a link in the description and Have Fun! (also the link never expires btw) oh, for the love of slapoda: if it does expired, i’ll just put another one there (on/for) Discord. anyway that’s about it for the vid- Vocodexx (Jacobrox): Wait! Wait! what about me? no -Clickterr 2019 Vocodexx: oh pls? do me a favor! Clickterr: sorry, we’re just making one video for me not u, make ur own. Vocodexx: *sigh* well, how ab- how about this we can promote 2 servers in one video, and i’m gonna put 3 upbeat servers that we inspired for us so how’s that? ClickMad: *groans* ALRIGHT!!! JEEZ!!! I’LL LET U INTO THE VIDEO!!! HERE!!! K N O C K Y O U R S E L F O U T ! Vocodexx: Ok, Thanks! *Clickter ran away* so uh… yeah! join our servers! link will be in the description (it repeat lel- y’know what? nvm) except slapoda, he has a many uh… slapies Subtitles by Me btw


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