ClickFunnels Alternative – How to Create a Sales Funnel in 2019
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ClickFunnels Alternative – How to Create a Sales Funnel in 2019

In this video I’m gonna show you how to
easily create a sales funnel without using expensive software like ClickFunnels or Builderall. OK? My name is Juan Gomez from,
and welcome to my channel. So what most people do when they need to create
a sales funnel is register on ClickFunnels. This tool basically does all these things: It hosts your pages, it’s a visual page
builder, lets you create forms, take payments, and do email marketing. Many people like using ClickFunnels for these
reasons, but also because its founder Russel Brunson is a marketing genius and people love
to follow him. But probably the main reason why people are
trying to get you to join ClickFunnels is because they’ll make a ton of money when
you sign up with their link. That’s why everyone praises ClickFunnels
so much and make it look like it’s the best and only option out there, but it really isn’t. OK? So that’s one big problem; people are trying
to make you think you need ClickFunnels when more than likely you don’t, just so that
they can make a bunch of money off of you. Other problems with ClickFunnels are that
sometimes it has a lot of bugs, it’s not as easy to use as the alternative I’m about
to show you, it’s a little limited on what you can do with your designs, therefore their
templates are kinda ugly, and what people like the least about ClickFunnels is of course
its price. It’s $100 a month for their basic plan,
but if you really wanna access all the features that you need it’s $300 per month! So that’s $3,600 a year, and of course people
are trying to get you to join ClickFunnels with their links cause almost half of this
money is gonna go to directly to them. Right? So for those reasons I decided to create this
video where I’m gonna show you a much more effective alternative that’s a lot cheaper
than ClickFunnels. OK? So the first thing you’re gonna need is
a web hosting. The number one place I recommend for this
is BlueHost with the link down below in the description. This in my opinion is the best hosting company
for many reasons I explain in another video that I’ll link to at the top, here’s where
I host all my websites as well as my clients’. And when you sign up you’ll get a FREE domain
name, a FREE business email address, a FREE SSL security certificate, and your site will
come with WordPress automatically installed. Right? So not only will you be able to create as
many sales funnels as you want, but you’ll also be able to create your own website or
blog where you share valuable content for your audience (Which is something you cannot
do with ClickFunnels). When you click on the link below you’ll
be able to sign up for BlueHost for about only $70 to $100 a year, which is already
a lot less than what you have to pay on ClickFunnels per MONTH! OK? If you already have a WordPress website then
you don’t even have to do this step. But in case you don’t know, WordPress is
an easy to use content management system where you can edit your pages without any HTML knowledge. This is the most popular tool for creating
websites all around the world and the best part is that all WordPress websites have a
better chance of ranking in Google, making it easier for people to find you organically. The next thing you’re gonna need is a visual
page builder. The best one is called Elementor, I have a
very comprehensive tutorial that you can check out to learn how to use it, it’s extremely
easy. And they have a free version, but also a Pro
version which you’re gonna need in order to access advanced marketing tools like forms,
popups, or countdown timers. Just click on the link below to come to this
page, where you can get Elementor Pro for just $50, and so far we have a yearly investment
of less than half of what you need to pay with ClickFunnels every single MONTH! OK? I quickly wanted to mention that I have a
special deal where you can get both the web hosting and Elementor Pro for 50% OFF, plus
I’m even gonna give you a bunch of other FREE bonuses like hundreds of professional
designs for your pages, so definitely make sure to check out the link below to learn
more about this. OK? So here’s an example of a beautiful opt-in
page you can create with Elementor. After people give you their emails they’ll
be taken to a thank you page like this one where they can download your lead magnet or
get a one time offer. You can add countdown timers that re-direct
visitors to another page when it hits zero. You can add these progress bars. Exit popups with coupons and stuff like that. And again, I have another video with a full
tutorial on how to do all of this with Elementor, but like I said it’s very easy to use. You can take payments directly on your pages
by linking your buttons to PayPal or Stripe. Or you can use plugins like WooCommerce which
is free, or there’s another plugin called CartFlows which lets you add these advanced
payment fields like the two-step order form from ClickFunnels. You can get it from the link below, it’s
a little bit expensive – It costs $299 per year, but that’s still a lot less than what
you have to pay with ClickFunnels! But again, CartFlows is optional in case you
wanna add these advanced fields on your pages – most people don’t need those features
anyway, so check it out if you want. Alright? So finally the last thing you’re gonna need
is an email marketing software, the one I recommend the most is GetResponse. The link is also down below and it only costs
$15 a month with a 30 day free trial. OK? So those are all the tools you need to replace
ClickFunnels, and the YEARLY cost of all of them together is pretty much the same as the
MONTHLY cost of ClickFunnels! So this is definitely worth a shot, you’ll
literally save thousands of dollars with this method. And after you register with GetResponse and
create your mailing lists and messages, it’s very easy to integrate it with Elementor. You go here to Integrations. API. Generate Key. Generate. We copy this number. In WordPress we click on Elementor. Integrations. We look for GetResponse… and paste the API
key we copied. We save the changes. And when you edit the opt-in page with Elementor
you simply go to your form. Click here on “Actions after submit”. We add redirect… and GetResponse. Here in redirect we add the link of the thank
you page, so that after your visitors fill out this form they’ll be automatically redirected
to the next step of your funnel. And then in GetResponse you simply select
the list from GetResponse where you wanna add your contacts. In field mapping you match these options with
your fields on the form. And so now, not only will people be redirected
after they fill out this form, but their info will be added to your GetResponse account
where you can do your email marketing to them. OK? So basically this is how easy and specially,
CHEAP, it is to create all your sales funnels without ClickFunnels. I highly recommend you do it this way instead
of ClickFunnels, and remember, you can save even more money with a special deal you can
get access to with the link in the description below. So check it out to learn more. Let me know if you have any comments or questions
down below. Please hit the like button and subscribe to
my channel. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you
next time!

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