Claire Foy Isn’t Nervous Enough for Hosting Saturday Night Live
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Claire Foy Isn’t Nervous Enough for Hosting Saturday Night Live

-I want to embarrass you
a little bit. Come on. It’s always fun
when you come out. But look at this.
You’re on the cover of “Vogue.” -I know.
Isn’t that crazy? -I mean, did you ever think that
you’d be on American “Vogue”? -Of course not.
-Come on. But this —
I mean, you’re big-time. This is the big deal.
-It’s so lovely of them. I’m so, so honored to be on it.
But that’s not me, really. That’s a lot
of amazing people’s work. -No, but that —
What do you mean? This is you. Are you not good
at photo shoots? -I mean, that one was done — -All you have to do
is look like you. -[ Laughing ] No. -That was
an amazing photographer. If it’s an amazing photographer,
it’s good. -Who was the photographer
in this? -David Sims is his name.
-Oh, really? David Sims? -Yeah, he’s
a very, very clever man. -But this is — Have you ever been
on “Vogue” in England? -I have, yeah.
-Wow. -Yeah.
-So you’ve done this before. Is it different that you’re
on an American “Vogue”? -It’s different
because I didn’t have to see it every day at home. -‘Cause you live in England.
-Yeah. So I can sort of
pretend it didn’t happen. But there I am.
Can you put — I mean, just — -I will put it away.
I know, I know. I like to embarrass you.
I’m sorry. I want to talk about
“Saturday Night Live” before we get into everything. You’re hosting.
-I am. -You’re hosting
“Saturday Night Live.” -I am.
[ Cheers and applause ] -How is it going?
Are you excited? -I’m so excited. -Do you know
“Saturday Night Live” from England?
-Yeah. We don’t have it in England.
It’s not broadcast. But I think it’s one of those
things that is everywhere. You know it.
You know if there’s been a really good sketch because
everyone watches it on YouTube. -Yeah.
And how’s everyone treating you? Is everyone being nice?
-Really lovely. Like I’m supposed to be there when I just feel
like a complete imposter. -No.
Oh, my gosh. It’s gonna be great.
I mean, what day is it? It’s Thursday now. So you’re in blocking
at this point. -Yeah.
-You’re gonna love it. It’s the greatest thing ever.
-Yeah. -You performed live
in front of people, right? -Yeah, I’ve done theater
and stuff. But I feel like I should be
more nervous than I am. I feel like there’s
something wrong with me. I’m not having sleepless nights. I’m just sort of going,
“This is fun.” But I think, on Saturday,
I’ll be like, “This isn’t fun anymore.”
[ Laughter ] This is “Serious Night Live.” -We have you
in two big movies out, “The Girl in the Spider’s Web.” This is a big,
giant movie for you. I know the book series. Is that what made you
want to do this film? Reading the books?
-Yeah. ‘Cause I had read them
when I was about 23. -And the “Dragon Tattoo” —
it’s the same type of idea but different series, right? -Yeah, different writer.
-Yeah. -And I’d never read a character
like that, and I never — I was a young woman
reading a character that’s kind of an amazing thing,
really. And then,
I’d seen those performances of Noomi and Rooney —
best names ever. -Yeah, that’s true.
-Noomi and Rooney. -Noomi and Rooney. -And I just thought
it was incredible. So, once I kind of
heard about it and then started
really reading the books, I couldn’t not do it.
It was one of those things. -How do you explain the film
to everyone? It’s an action-packed thriller.
-Yeah. -You’re disguised as — trying to hack the codes,
like nuclear codes. -Yeah. It’s — Lisbeth Salander
is at the center of it, and that character,
which is really fascinating. It’s just a real thriller. Like, you go into the cinema,
and then you come out, and you go —
[ Breathing heavily ] -Yes. Because that’s what you
want when you go to the theater. You want a popcorn movie.
It’s good. Yeah. -Yeah.
-And then “First Man.” I told you this
last time you came on, but congrats on that.
Amazing reviews on that. [ Cheers and applause ] Some awards buzz for you,
but you should — well-deserved. I mean, it’s great. You and Damien Chazelle, who is one of
my favorite directors. I love that guy.
-He’s great. -Have you heard from the family
at all, the Armstrongs? -Yeah, well we were in touch
the whole time we were shooting. -Oh, you were?
-They were lovely. I’d e-mail them
every once in a while and say, “Did your mom cook you dinners, or was it, like,
a microwave meal?” like, ridiculous questions, and
they were always so kind to me. But they — You know, when you’re making
a film about real people, mine and Ryan’s concern
was definitely that they were our audience. -Were you intimidated
to do an American accent? -Um…
-No. You’ve done it before? -I’ve done it before. I’ve never done it with a coach. I’ve always
just sort of done it badly. [ Laughter ] Like, wasn’t that —
This time, I was much more kind of I felt
more confident about it. But you just never —
When you’re doing an accent, sometimes, like, some weird
thing comes out of your mouth. You don’t even know what it is. Your mouth makes funny shapes. -You knocked this one
out of the park. It’s fantastic.
Congratulations on that. [ Cheers and applause ] I want to show a clip
and just see Claire Foy. Here’s Claire Foy
in “First Man.” Take a look at this. -Jan, the ship is stable.
They’re gonna be all right. -He’s okay, Jan.
-I need you to go home. -Fine.
Turn the box back on. -I’ll see what I —
-Now. Turn the box back on now. -Well,
there’s security protocols — -Well, I don’t give a damn. I’ve got a dozen cameras
on my front lawn, Deke. Do you want me telling them
what’s going on? -Jan, you have to trust us.
We’ve got this under control. -No, you don’t.
All these protocols and procedures to make it seem
like you have it under control. But you’re a bunch of boys
making models out of balsa wood! You don’t have anything
under control! -Yeah! You tell them what’s up!
Yes! [ Cheers and applause ]


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