Ciara’s Kids Are Her Litmus Test for Choosing Hit Songs
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Ciara’s Kids Are Her Litmus Test for Choosing Hit Songs

Hey. Wow. Hey, hey, hey! Amazing. It must be nice to be able
to walk out to your own song. Oh, it’s a blessing. Yeah, a blessing. That’s pretty cool. It never gets old. That is amazing. No, I believe it. And before I even
introduce you, I just name a couple of your songs,
and everyone’s like yeah! They know. Yay! It’s amazing. So good. That’s great. Congrats on everything. Thank you. I saw them back there
dancing in the audience, and it’s the cutest thing. Yeah, it’s the best
thing in the world. So Ellen actually plays
“Level Up” here a lot. Yes. And here’s a memorable
time that it actually played here on the show. (LAUGHING) Yeah. She went for it, right? Oh, I love it. Yeah, it’s great. Look at it. Hey. Oh. Oh. Got all the moves. Got all the moves. She’s leveling all the way up. She’s leveling all the way up. That’s like on another level. Another level up. There we go. It’s so good! It’s great. That makes me feel like the day
is going to be great, right, when you see that. Crazy. Of course. Of course. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And today’s your birthday? Yes, it is. [CHEERING] It’s my birthday. A very happy birthday to you. It’s my birthday. Thank you. What are your plans? I know you’re spending the
day with me, obviously, but besides that, what
is your birthday plan? Honestly, I don’t know. You don’t know? I just roll with the flow. OK. At this point, my husband’s
been the best with surprises, and I did not like surprises
until he came into my life. Really? And now I’m like, I’ll
just sit back and just roll with the flow. Yeah. And honestly, if I’m with
my family, I’m so good. Yeah. So I support being with them. [CHEERING] It’s a funny thing
big surprises, too, that you mentioned that, because
I never liked surprises either. And it’s interesting. When you’re getting surprises
from people that you trust, they’re fun. It is. Yeah. Yeah. And when you’re getting
surprises from people that you don’t quite trust– Yeah, you’re like, uh-uh. What’s gonna be–
what’s in the– yeah, you don’t want that. Yeah. You’re like, is somebody– did
you run that by someone that knows– You’re living on
the edge like that. No. –how you’re going to react? Exactly. Yeah, it’s true. How old are your kids? My son is 5. 5. My son Future is 5 years
old, and my daughter Sienna is 2 years old. And I say she’s 2 going on 30. Yeah, I know that feeling. At first I said 2 going on 20,
but like in the last two months she went another
level up, so it’s 2 going on 30 with
her fiery attitude. Wow. What a beautiful family. And Future is 5 going
on 35, basically. It’s– So they’re old souls. –a combo. They’re old souls. That’s great. They know everything. Yeah. I mean, but they’re the best. You know what that is? That’s good parenting. Hey– Yeah. –I’ll take that. I think that’s good parenting. Yeah. I’ll take that. Because that translates into– I think that’s going
to be something that when they’re older, when
they’re adults, hopefully their kids are
going to have that. I think it’s a wonderful thing. I’ll take that, because
it’s a lot right now. It’s like they’re bringing
it every day, non-stop– Yeah. –I mean, entertainment and
fire, feistiness happening. You gotta have your– I’m enjoying it. It’s been fun. I’m glad. I’m glad. I have a teenager,
so we’ll talk later. It’s different. It’s awesome. Oh, I can’t– you
know what I say? It’s like, when
they’re young, you– when they get
older, it’s like you think you don’t have
to worry, but it’s another level of worry. It is. But you know what? You can talk to them. It’s so– it’s beautiful. It’s so great when they
start saying things and you’re like, wow,
I didn’t know that. See? I look forward to that. But I’m like, gosh. You think about the dating– Yeah. –all that. It’s going to be
interesting, but– It’s interesting, for sure. –I’m taking it
one day at a time. I’m enjoying every stage
they’re going through. Good. I’m glad. So I’ll keep on soaking
in the baby times when they can’t say
but so much, and then when they have a lot to say
I’ll be ready for that too. Speaking of what they have to
say, do they listen to music? They like your music? They do. They’re like my little A&Rs. Oh great. They let me know if something
is right or if it’s not. OK. And they are like 10 for
10 with their reaction. Really? The way you know– it’s
like the songs have to have the ABC element. So when they hear songs
and they can sing it back within the next
few hours or like literally right
after hearing it, you’re onto something right. And that’s how they were
with songs like “Level Up.” Got it. They literally were
like play that song over and over and over again, mommy. Play the video over
and over again. My older songs– “1, 2
Step” they love and react to that song like
it’s a new song. Wow. They are like my A&Rs. That’s great. We sit in the car. I remember putting Future
beside me in the car in my Jeep, and he was bobbing, like
going crazy to one of my songs on the album. I’m like, this is it. That’s a hit! It’s a hit. That’s great. You bring it to them before
you bring it to anyone else. Kid-tested. That’s great. Yeah. Your son was on Ellen, right? Yes, he was. She interviewed him
on the red carpet. Yes, when we did the AMAs. I think it was the
AMAs I was doing. OK. I think so. Or the Billboard. I’m not sure. That’s great. That’s great. Yeah. They know. Yes! It was the Billboard Awards. And is your husband–
does your husband dance? Does he dance? Yes, he does like dancing. So he dances. And I’m curious. How are you– if he dances,
do you play football? How are you at football? OK. So I was an athlete for all–
pretty much since I was a baby. I’ve always been loving music,
and I can also run track and all that good stuff, ,
and I can catch a football. But I will say– OK. –the first time he
threw a football at me, I had to step to the side of it. Oh yeah, no. –because I’ve never seen
a ball thrown at that speed and velocity in my life. No. I was like, OK. Can you bring the speed of that
ball down just a little bit? He’s like, I don’t think I can. I’m just flicking it. I’m just saying. Yeah. I’m just saying, the
flick was strong. I’m sure. But we have fun. I mean, I have had moments where
I’ll like run a little route and catch a ball
from him when we’re– our charity events
and stuff like that. So we have fun. We have a good time. In the backyard we
have a good time too. And you’re working a lot too. So let’s talk about America’s
Most Musical Family. Yes. You’re an executive producer. You’re a judge. Talk about the show. I’m so excited about this show. America’s Most Musical Family
is a music competition show where 30 families from all
over the nation come together to compete to make
their dream come true to become a
recording act and to get a chance get a record
deal with Republic Records and win a quarter of
a million dollars. So it’s really fun
to see everybody on the stage literally
living out their dreams. And the competition is
really cool, and so unique because it’s all families. And you really see a
dad and daughter duo. You also see a
multi-generational combination– That sounds fun. –with Literally a seven-year-old kid
and a 80-year-old grandmother in the group. Wow. But it’s fascinating to
see how many families there are that can really bring
it with good talent, like literally playing. There’s one family that each
kid can play seven instruments. OK. It’s crazy. But everyone’s incredibly
good, and it’s a good time. But you’re judging
them too, right? Yes. You have to– how’s
that, judging families? That is not easy. No, no kidding. I mean, everyone– I
think anyone knows, when you deal with
kids especially, that it’s hard to tell
them what you really think. You’re like, you don’t want
to hurt their feelings. Yeah. But then you add the combination
of it not only being the child but the child’s
parent on the stage. That’s tough. So you’re like, I may
say this to the child, and the mom might be looking
at you like you’re crazy. No, but it’s really fun. We give criticism with love on
the show, which is really cool. And I always want
to give the kids some nuggets that will
inspire them to keep on going when they don’t make it. That’s good. Because I was that
girl before, where I was trying out and trying
to live my dreams out, and then everything
I tried did not work. And so I kind of tap into
like what that was for me when I was in that moment like them. But see, that’s good. That comes from being a parent. That comes from being a parent. I think that is the mom in me. I’ll take that.


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