• Tawny Ulcer

    Let's feel sorry for Blagojevich shall we? How about the other prisoners whose children are growing older…oh wait they weren't on the Apprentice? What a joke American justice is. The rich and the politicians walk free while average Joe has the key thrown away. Trump is interfering with the justice system and this is is his message that he is an equal opportunity interferer while the DOJ is under pressure from Trump's interference.

  • litha ree

    A reporter made the point that former State Rep Mel Reynolds got 5 years for child molesting and child porn. Blago did over 10 years – seems like plenty of time for shaking down a Children's Hospital and "talking about" selling a senate seat. He also, helped low income and working class parents like me get KidCare health benefits too. 14 years was Heavy Handed justice. Even with being a example prisoner Judges wouldn't budge. Holding him to such a harsh penalty, while these same politicians advocate to let out criminals who continuously do petty crimes in the poorest neighborhoods – leaving the working class traumatized.

  • Alex Dua

    They threw Blago under bus because they needed to give an impression that they are doing something. Yet the pockets are still being lined, pay to play still alive. The top republican in IL , Jim Durkin , who didn't like Blago being released is a McCain loving nevertrumper. He went to McCain's funeral holding Dick Durbin's hand. IL doesn't have republicans that represent the people.

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