Check out the Results of the RBF Injection Makeover

Earlier in the show our social media producer, Karyn got a little smile lift and we are ready to see her results. Let’s look at this split. Okay. That looks great. That looks great. (applause) Oh. (laughter) No, definitely, you can see it. It’s subtle, but clearly, I think it’s more of a youthful look. Yeah, it looks great. More volume to the lips. But I also think it’s important to look right at the corner of the lips because that’s really where the difference is, that upturn that brought your lip back into a neutral position. I think that’s, really when people look at you it’s just the gestalt is that it’s a little happier. Yeah, exactly. I would be, like, in meetings and it’s always like what’s wrong, why are you looking like that? And I’m like, nothing’s wrong, I’m just thinking, or I’m just not conscious of, like, if I’m not smiling all the time then people are like, what’s wrong? Well Karyn, you look good. You really do look good. Thank you. Doctor Degrew, nice. Thank you Doctor Degrew. (applause) You know, just a caveat, I’m amongst two experts, and I consider myself an expert, too. That’s who you want to go to for these procedures. For injectables, whether it be fillers or Botox, you really need to know the anatomy. There is reason behind every droplet, where you put it to achieve the result that you want. Make sure you go to somebody trained who does it all the time.

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