Cheap Website Hosting Review
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Cheap Website Hosting Review

Hi Besties! You all know that I spent an entire year vlogging
without picking a single affiliate program to tout. Well that all ends today. I found something so unique
and so golden that I couldn’t resist signing up as an affiliate
and telling you all about it. It’s a cheap website hosting company
with amazing customer service amazing products
amazing options and it’s a rare gem that I feel very lucky
to have found. Oh! And I use it myself so there. Z! Go get my cheap website hosting review! I love cheap website hosting reviews
Here’s my short history. I built several companies on Bluehosts hosting
which I really loved at the time. Even though they promoted the idea of unlimited
space they kicked me out saying
you can only have a certain number of files. So you can have one file that’s a bajillion
terrabytes big but you can’t have 10,000 files that are a
kilabyte. I know right? Crazy. I had to move but couldn’t find a hosting
company that could fit all my sites. I ended up getting my very own dedicated server
on godaddy for $350 a month I didn’t have a choice! I just got so big! But then! Tom Cote from the Tom Cote show told me about
his hosting company called Machighway I kind of figured it was some subpar hosting
company since I’d never heard of it. Low and behold
it’s the greatest hosting company I’ve ever come across! It’s amazing! It’s a smaller company so you don’t get some
overseas robot guys reading a script when you contact support about something. And in fact, I have tried to contact support
about something realized it was my own problem to solve
admitted it and they STILL contacted me the next day to
make sure I had fixed my own problem and see if there was anything they can do. Golden! What I love best about them is they have 3
hosting options not just one like a lot of other hosting companies
have. oh? So it’s perfect for startups because you can
choose their smallest plan and their startup plans pricing is quite competitive
with the others but as you grow you can pick larger packages
as needed. It’s awesome-sauce. I’ve also noticed there is little to no downtime
on their servers and they have all the little crazy securities,
back-ups and everything else in place that you need. Oh! It also has a cpanel for you to make it easy
to build your websites add emails
look at website stats and more! Renae, you should put an affiliate link down
below. If you do order hosting through them I kindly
ask that you do it through my link so I can finally
get a few dimes for makin’ my videos. Luv u all
Peace out yo!


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