Cheap web hosting (web hosting review 2015)
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Cheap web hosting (web hosting review 2015)

hello everybody and welcome once again
to where our mission is to teach you
how to create a website today we’re going to be doing a web
hosting review of the web hosting company ipage we’re
going to be reviewing ipage and its latest features so if you are in
need a web posting and you’re looking for a web hosting
company we hope this web hosting review tutorial will be helpful to you webhosting is one of the major ingredients when it comes to setting up your blog or
website: in this Ipage web hosting review we
will look at some of their cool features that ipage has to offer for price the only $1.99 a month so follow along with us in this
hosting review and hopefully we will help you make a better decision when it comes to you choosing a place to
host your website as a side note many people like to go with free web hosting but we recommend you paying the extra cash for a paid web hosting company because in the long run it pays off – let’s look at some of the features that ipage has to offer when you go to lets go ahead and type that in it’s going to take you to the home page on their homepage you see some their features here
unlimited disk space and email addresses free domain name
registration so what that means when you buy when
1 year worth of hosting with iPage your domain name is free that is a ten
dollar value free Security Suite free site building tools free online store tree search engine
marketing credits green powered by 100 percent wind energy
and to top it off 30 day money back guarantee and the one I really like is on the next page so let me go ahead and take you there where it says view full features I mean look at all the other features you
get for 1.99 a month but what I really like is this one 24/7 phone chat email support whenever you have a challenge with iPage all you gotta do is give them a call give them an email or give them a chat you can click right here live chat and it will take you to
their 24/7 customer support chat room okay with all these great
features for only $1.99 a month this is a great deal if you’re interested in
signing up for Ipage we have a link in the video below and we are an affiliate and we host our website with ipage we get a small
commission every time you sign up so thank you in advance alright so
hopefully this tutorial hopefully this tutorial has helped you
out in deciding where you gonna be hosting your next webpage talk to you later bye bye

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