Cheap web hosting – a review
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Cheap web hosting – a review

Hi guys this is a quick review of a hosting
provider that I use quite a lot I know a lot of you guys have been asking
me about which provider I use and also which is the best cheap web host that’s available
on the market at the moment. The one I’m going to be review is called
Bluehost and their one of the leading hosting providers in the world.
The main thing – well the main plus point for them for me is the price, its only $5
a month as you can see here which is incredibly cheap.
And you can also see here on the left you’ve got a wide range of benefits so I’m just
gonna do a quick overview of the host and also some of the features available on it.
Before I go any further if you look in the description of this video you’ll see a link
to go straight to the host, if you click on the link you will get a discount.
Now it won’t be a lot but it will be something so any time you want to go and visit the host
just click on the link in the description. So this is the homepage and you can see some
of the main benefits. If you click on features and you get a list
here of all the main features of the host. So the main things are that you get unlimited
storage which is good if you’ve got sites that take up a lot of space with databases.
You’ve also got unlimited transfer so if your sites become popular your sites gonna
stay up no-matter how much traffic you get, which is always really important.
A lot of these other features are really technical things which if you’re starting out with
your first website you won’t need to worry about.
One of the main benefits of Bluehost is that they run software called simplescripts.
You can see here on the homepage they have these logos and these are all the pieces of
software that Bluehost will install for you, really with just one click.
One of the main ones is WordPress which is the most common CMS used on the web.
The main benefit of Bluehost is that they allow you to install WordPress with just a
few clicks. For most people this is a big advantage because
if you don’t know about databases or programming you don’t want to be messing around with
any of that kind of stuff in order to get your blog up and running.
So I’m just gonna walk you through quickly how to install WordPress on the host and how
easy it is. Here is the demo account and I’m in cpanel
In here you can see there’s loads of icons but most of these your probably not gonna
use. This one that you’ll use will be email accounts
because you’ll wanna setup new email addresses for your website.
If you click on email accounts you’ll see here that all you need to do is give it an
email name and password and hit create. And that’s it – that’s all you need
to do to create an email account on your domain name once you transfer it to Bluehost which
is really simple. So that’ll be one of the main things you’ll
use but apart from that the other main thing will be simplescripts.
What simplescripts does is allow you to install all these different types of software from
Wordpress to drupal to joomla. So if I click in here this is what you get
when you click simplescripts icon in the cpanel here.
So WordPress obviously lots of people are installing it.
So what happens whenever you click on it is you get another screen and what this does
is allow you to install WordPress on your domain and its literally a few clicks which
is amazing because what it does is it sets up all the software and the database.
It connects them all together so you don’t have to do anything really.
Then you click install What you do is you tell the script the address
and your domain will be listed in here that you transferred over to Bluehost.
So you pick the address here and then all you do is hit complete and that checkbox and
then it installs it for you. So that’s really important if you don’t
wanna spend time setting up the technical details of your site.
So those email and simplescripts are the main features that people are interested in
As well as that you’ve also 24 hour 365 days a year support, you know which is really
important if your site is your business you wanna make sure that its running all the time.
If it’s down for any reason that’s going to cost you money.
So those are some of the main features of Bluehost and I think it’s a really good
host and reliable. Most of all it’s a cheap web host and I
know there’s lost of cheap web hosting providers but they can be cheap for a reason.
Your site could be down a lot or it could be that you can’t get things installed.
Whereas Bluehost you know they have millions of customers – says they have 20,000 new
ones a month here. So you know that lots of other people using
it so it must be reliable So if you have any other questions about Bluehost
just put them in the comments and I’ll try and get back to you thanks.


  • Toby Clements

    Saving money is an important factor in any business. However, you don't want to go for something as important as web hosting just because it is "cheap". Make sure the company is reliable. Make sure the bandwidth is strong enough to support your site without downtime. Having customer serivice that is available 24 hours a day is also very important.

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