Cheap Web Hosting 2016 – Hostgator Coupon Code for 25% Off (WordPress Basics 3 of 33)
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Cheap Web Hosting 2016 – Hostgator Coupon Code for 25% Off (WordPress Basics 3 of 33)

Cheap Web Hosting 2016 – Alright in this video what a web hosting account is why you need
it and how to get it all set up alright let’s get started Okay a web hosting account is basically if
you had a business and you needed to rent an office building, essentially this is renting
space on the online world and why you need it you could set up a free blogging account
at but you’re going to have some restrictions there are certain things you’re
not going to be able to do, plus if Google ever decides to shut down their
website you would lose all of your data all of that hard work you put into it. Whereas
if you owned your own web hosting you have complete control over it. You could advertise
on it, you could sell products and services. You could even flip the website if you decide
to sell it in the future for a profit. So here is how we get started. You’re going to
go to or you can use my affiliate link below this video and I also provided
a Hostgator Coupon code to get 25% off which I will show you how to apply. So you’re
going to click on this button called view web hosting plans and it’s going to bring
you to this page and this page is basically explaining some different options that you
can use. Now, I’m going to recommend to you the Baby Plan and the reason why is the hatchling
plan is great if you are going to only create one website. But, trust me I have learned
through experience once you start learning how to create these websites you’re going
to want to create more than one. So a Baby Plan is perfect because it says right here
“Unlimited Domains” so basically you have one web hosting account and you can create
more than one website on the same Hosting Account. So we are going to go with Baby Plan
and you can pick different selection options you can either go to a month to month program
or you can purchase six months one year or three year terms so you can basically pay
ahead of time. And obviously the longer the term the more money you will save. In this
case we are going to set you up with the 1 year plan and we are going to click order
now. So they are going to this order screen and basically you already have a domain name
which we showed you how to purchase on GoDaddy. So you’re going to click on this button and
you’re going to type in web address that you had already purchased so in my case I am going
to type and then you’re going to go ahead and confirm that you have the
Baby Package and you can change the billing cycle here if you wish. You’re going to create
a username and create a pin and basically fill in you’re billing information. Next you’re
going to scroll down and they are already going to preset for you a purchase for a sight
lock and code guard which is a backup program, you can purchase these things however in this
case I’m going to give you the least expensive option so we are going to unclick those this
time. Now as you can see right here they already preset a SNAPPY Hostgator coupon code which
gives you a total price of $95.52 but if you use my Hostgator Promo Code “myaccesspass”
and click validate your price drops down to $89.55 so basically it’s a 25% off Hostgator
Coupon code so it’s a great thing. Hostgator also offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
365 days worth of support you can call them, you can live chat with them, you can email
them, that’s why I love about Hostgator because they have awesome customer service and it’s
a very inexpensive way to first start off an online business. So you’re going to click
I have read this and click create account. So great! Now that you have purchased your
Hosting Account you’re going to get an email that looks something like this. This is a
very important email and you should definitely save it somewhere. You’re going to want to
save these login addresses as well. The first one is your billing system so if you ever
need to change how your billing system is you want to be able to access this link with
your username and password, and then you are also going to have your control panel login
screen which you also want to save and maybe bookmark. So I am going to go ahead and click
on this and we will see you on the next screen. So this is your control panel login screen.
You’re going to enter your username and temporary password that they provided. Okay when you
enter you’re going to see a screen that looks like this. And I am going to say No Thank
You. and Click No I’m Fine Thank you here. Next I want to show you how to change your
password. You’re going to go to this section called Preferences and click change password.
So go ahead and type in and you are going to close this box and then go ahead and type
in your old password provided and you are going to type in a new one. And you are going
to click change your password now. So there you go your password has been changed. And
that’s pretty much the end of this video tutorial of how to setup your web hosting account.
Don’t forget to use my Hostgator Coupon Code to get 25% Off. My Hostgator promo code once
again is “myaccesspass”

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