Cheap Domains!??
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Cheap Domains!??

if you’re interested in making money
online or growing a YouTube channel this channel is for you hi and welcome I’m
George Pierce and I want to thank you for watching. This video is about a cheap
domain and I want to share a few things with you because what appears to be a
cheap domain may not be the best. The best deal may not be quite so cheap so
it’s cheap as you think I always want to compare some of some of the cheap
domains so if you’re looking for a cheap domain or if you’re looking for a domain
it’ll make it a little bit easier for you and it might help you to avoid
paying too much for it. The reason is why I’m sharing this is I just had to renew
a domain with hostinger web hosts which I’m very pleased with it cost me 1099 to
renew it and that is pretty much the going rate for a good price for a good
price the many of the web hosts or $12.99
$13.99 $17.99 so you there’s there’s quite a difference in prices and I also
had to get a cheap domain so I actually shopped for a cheap domain because I had
to get one for AIOP and so I’m wanting to get a good a good price but I you know
that one year for a dollar that one year for 99 cents that one year for 80 cents
is not such a good deal and that’s what this video is all about so let’s get
right to it so I have taken us to this is
technically or this is supposedly one of these cheap domains and I just have I
typed in trucking along con just as an example pricing for that ad that the
card I believe is 899 that’s 899 no that’s the 999
okay $9.99 and there they want to charge $8.99 per year for privacy which is high
and $9.99 per year is a fair price but the privacy, they’re overcharging so I have no
intention of buying trucking along dot com by the way I just use that one of the
things that you may want to be careful about is when you’re searching and I
don’t think that most of the webhosts do resort to this anymore but way back when
many years ago if I typed in trucking along and that’s actually the domain
that I wanted then if I came back in a couple of days to purchase that domain
it might already be taken and for me to purchase that domain what they would do is
they would purchase it and then sell it back to me at a higher price so so I
usually type in if I’m just trying to get a price I’m going to type in
something that I have no intention of ever using as far as a domain name and
because I’m gonna wait till the last second and type any actual domain name
that I’m looking for so if you’re shopping and I don’t think it matters
anymore but it used to I wouldn’t I would put in some alias for the time
being as far as searching for the domain and and then when you find the domain or
the host or whatever that you want and when you’re ready to purchase then type in
the domain that you want to get hopefully it’s gonna be available this
one is IONOS i/o n OS and I may not be pronouncing that properly
Ionos domain SSL it’s a web host and so on and they are typically I
looks like 75 to 80 cents the first year. trucking alone waiting on the web
host check okay Wow okay so they give it to us for a dollar for the first year
but then they’re gonna charge us fifteen dollars every year thereafter so
we’re gonna get a break the best price that I found is about nine dollars a
year 888 I believe it is rate 999 so you’re gonna get a break the first year
but then after that you’re gonna be paying about six dollars a year too much
so and that’s typical of these low price hosts that’s typically what they do
dollar a year twenty dollars in your 80 cents a year and then 40 dollars a year
so they may give you a break the first year and then you you really pay pay
through the nose there after that that’s mainly what this video is about. At GoDaddy
$0.99 dot com that’s a that’s a great deal and GoDaddy is terrific but then $17.99
is the regular price and right now they do have a deal where they’re showing 99
the first year and $9.99 a year thereafter that’s a good deal about its
offer limitations 18 cents per year that’s a bunch of hooey discounts cannot
be used with someone okay so it’ll be ten dollars and seventeen cents I guess
a dollar seventeen the first year so that is a fair price
Typically GoDaddy has got a great first year and then they’re like most of
the others they charge you too much a second I am at cheap and to
the best of my knowledge dot com $8.99 a year renewals eight nine and
nine a year that’s the best deal as far as I can tell and I’m I’m it’s available
for $8.99 cheap $8.99 the first year taxes and fees not happy
about that thirty-six cents of 1834 of cheap name cheap trucking
alone 888 and then they go to 1088 so Namecheap fear an honest deal 888 and 1098 or 1088
sheep domain 1798 with tax 1834 fair price
GoDaddy presently fair price 99 and $9.99 per year IONOS not a good
deal in my opinion this is I’m just trying to share the information you’re
the one that needs to make the decision but a $1 a year for the first year
that’s a great deal but then $15 a year as you can see you’re paying too much eliminate that wonder from
the domain purchase the dock online not that’s $9.99 a year a fair price no
reduction or sheer hosting er I get a fair price 899 I leave you get a 99-cent
first year with them and then it’s 1099 thereafter its $8.99 the first year and
then 1099 which again is a fair price cheap it seems to be the best
the best deal and if you do want domain privacy it’s only a dollar 95 which is a
fair price then on children 795 and to the best of my knowledge each and every
one of those web hosts are top-quality hosts now I choose a domain that’s
either going to be something like George Pierce
especially if I’m going to you if I’m not sure what I’m going to use it for
then George Pierce allows me to use it for weight loss or for internet
marketing or for whatever I might use it for if if I’m want to be specific such
as internet marketer training when it losing weight how to lose weight those
kind of things that I’m might go l for a specific domain name point that I wanted
to make was that at the time of this video a fair price
or should be between about 888 899 whatever nine dollars and maybe eleven
dollars 1099 which is what I’m paying for my renewal at hostinger or which I’m
real satisfied with because I’m getting extraordinarily low price hosting and
they’re not trying to get back at me with a 15 or a twenty-dollar domain name
the hostinger includes SSL which is more important than ever but when
you have an SSL site it gives you one little extra in your favor and every
little extra your favor can tend to add up that’s another thing I want to show
you dot-com is still the best if you’ve watched us this far if you’ve watched
the video this far hopefully you liked the video if you do like the video we’d
love to have you subscribe and ring the bell and that way you won’t miss out on
future videos I do want to thank you for watching I appreciate it allow me to
wish you much success which outro plays with their


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