Change wordpress to a different domain using installatron on Cpanel – installatron clone wordpress
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Change wordpress to a different domain using installatron on Cpanel – installatron clone wordpress

Hello ladies and gentlemen Tom here with easy web 101 bringing you a video on how to Move your website from a sub domain or an add-on domain within the cPanel this is Specifically we’re using GoDaddy hosting on this one, but this should work for most cpanel hosting if you have install at ron in here So we’re just gonna go through the simple cloning process. We’re gonna go ahead and log in to our hosting Through the cPanel admin here and Right now I’m gonna go ahead and add a domain in here. Let me see what I have. Let’s Do We’ll just actually make a sum don’t go ahead mix so let’s Go ahead and let me add a sub-domain You may not need to do this if you already have the domain or sub domain add it to your account In this case, I don’t though so but we’re gonna do clone for my subdomains So I’m gonna clone my main website EasyWeb to clone EasyWeb Then I go ahead and click the Create button there We’ll give that just a minute to do its thing Excellent while we’re waiting on that. I’ll just go to Their cPanel home screen and get navigated to where I need to go. So What we’re gonna do next we’re gonna actually do the find functions quickly by typing here and we’re gonna type install and it’s gonna bring up install a Tron and Applications installer we’ll go ahead and click on that And then you should see your WordPress installed right here. As long as you installed it through Cpanel originally and all we’re gonna do is to the right of the website that you want to copy There’s a couple little icons here. This is the one that we’re looking for this clone button we’re gonna go ahead and click this one and Then from here hopefully that subdomains been added I see that tab is not spinning anymore So we’ll go ahead and click on this domain list and then we’re gonna scroll down And we’re gonna find the domain that we want to clone it to Now within this selection screen You’re gonna want to pick the exact domain that you want to use So a lot of people ask do I need WW or no, that’s strictly preference strictly up to you You don’t necessarily need it And then as far as some most the time you’ll have HTTP or HTTPS here That’s just up to you If you’re gonna use an SSL with that, so you’ll go ahead and pick your domain that you’re gonna use for us We’re gonna use that This sub domain here and then directory you’re gonna want to make that blank. Otherwise if it says something like that, it’ll be Like cloned easy web die easy web forward slash blog to get to the web site Typically, that’s not something we want So just so you can see before I actually do this. This is my current web site That we’re gonna be making a copy of and then we’re gonna go to clone dot and you’ll see there’s nothing there we get a 403 forbidden error because there’s no files currently. So we’re gonna go ahead and hit the clone button and It should make a copy of the site. We’ll give it just a minute. It usually does not take long Now if you have an ssl on your site sometimes after the clone it may give out an error We’ll see if mine does or not if it does we might just have to add Deactivate a plug-in if you have like really simple SSL installed sometimes It can cause an error after the clone. So well, we’ll see what it does on this If it does, I will show you how to do that along with it All right, it says the clone is done, let’s see if it’s giving us that error or not no, it’s not perfect So look at that clone EasyWeb We now have the site And it looks pretty good with the exception that for some reason my icons are missing, which is is probably related to The fact that I use a pro plugin to do that, I probably need to rely syns everything Occasionally you may run into some issues like that with the clone tool Worst case scenario go back into your page editor for that and you can reselect them inside the page editor or Whatever you used to edit the website, so but there you have it and You know, you can see them on the dashboard right now for it dashboards working also, I just cleared the cache that could be why okay, that’s why it was it was the Caching plug-in within the website needed to be cleared. That’s why the icons weren’t showing up. So There you go. Pretty simple Just use that clone tool and you’ll get it on the new domain or sub domain within a couple minutes Already thank you. Hmm. Thanks for watching

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