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Change Agent – Doug Jacobson

[Intro music] so cvtc’s cyber defense competition it’s
made up of teams when the competition’s going on here you know 100 hundred kids
in here it’s noisy it’s loud they’re all having having fun I’ve had people come
in and say I’ve never seen a group of students so focused in my life it’s a
great sort of community building among the students so it builds this this you
know camaraderie on among our students it’s a great learning experience our
corporate sponsors they believe very heavily in this because it teaches them
the real world of detection reporting and mitigation this is an experience
that really mimics what happens in the real world these students who come out
of here will be the students who help keep your data safe who protect the
power grid who keep you know keep everything running let Amazon and Google
and so on provide the services they do pancakes usually start about 7:00 I make
the banner I’ve made the pancakes since the first CDC so that’s my job is to
raise money and cook food cool how many of these you played in I joined the
faculty in 1985 but I came here as an undergrad in 1976 I got three degrees
here at Iowa State and moved right and move din to the faculty it’s born and
raised in Iowa only 30 miles from here so cyclone fan all my lot you know
supporter all my life so this is this is this is home
the culture of Iowa State and what they allow faculty to do you know and the
university was unbelievable supportive when in an era when cybersecurity wasn’t
even an area of study and I talked to other faculty across the country who who
are amazed at what we’ve built you know we have over 20 courses in insecurity at
Iowa State that’s probably one of the largest course offerings of in the in
the world probably and it’s all because this place is so
supportive and letting us letting us try new things and build new things and it
has been a blast to watch this field grow from nothing there to you know now
every school in the country is thinking about trying to stand up a cyber program
and many I’m returning to us to figure out how to do it

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