Casio fx-9750GII – Computing the Binomial Coefficient (n choose x)
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Casio fx-9750GII – Computing the Binomial Coefficient (n choose x)

Here’s how to compute a binomial coefficient n choose x on a Casio 9750 graphing calculator. I’m going to start with a fast overview, and then I’ll go the steps again more slowly. First, I go to the Run-Mat section, then I enter in a value for n, then I go to Catalog and choose the bolded C, and finally I enter in a value for x. Alright, if you didn’t catch all that, here’s a fuller description. First I go to Run-Mat by hitting Menu and then either hitting 1 or navigating over to the Run-Mat option. In my example, I’m going to compute 7 choose 4. First, I type in the value for n, where here n=7. Next, I’ll go to Catalog, which is in the yellow text. To get there, I first hit Shift and then 4. Next, I want to go to the choose option, which is a bold capital C. To get there, I can navigate down… or since hitting down takes a long time, I can just hit the button corresponding to C to hop down to C in the list. And there, the second option shown here is the bold capital C, which is what I select and hit execute. Now I need to enter x, which in this example is 4, and then I hit Execute and get the answer of 35. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up below and subscribe. Thanks for watching.


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