Career Opportunities in Cloud Computing | Great lakes PG Program in Cloud Computing
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Career Opportunities in Cloud Computing | Great lakes PG Program in Cloud Computing

Hi, my name is Harish Subramanian, I’m a director for the postgraduate program in cloud computing here at Great Lakes I’m going to tell you a little bit about our new program in cloud computing and the opportunity that you have in cloud computing We’ve all heard about the rise and rise of cloud computing But what we’ve typically considered cloud computing is only the tip of the iceberg This 200 billion dollar industry is ripe for growth Wait until a trillion dollars or more of enterprise IT spend now moves on to the cloud for over a decade now Computing infrastructure has been bundled and offered as a service But the real opportunity is what the cloud enables you to do Global companies like Netflix and stripe have been able to set up all of their services and with the flip of the switch Start their operations in over 100 countries This is the real opportunity that the cloud enables Someone needs to understand all of the technologies in services available to them and make smart choices on behalf of their companies Architects, DevOps professionals and developers are not just hired by a few elite companies, but by nearly every enterprise now What does it take to get there? It takes hands-on experience with the environments it takes versatility? Experience with both the public and private cloud and experience with a broad range of technologies available to you And how do you get this experience? Practice and lots of practice. We’ve built this program to help you become architects on the cloud. As architects you’ll be expected to solve a wide range of problems well beyond just configuring AWS and azure environments Through labs use cases and projects, that’s exactly what we’re trying to emulate in our program Take a look at Great Lakes postgraduate program and cloud computing, and if you have questions reach out to us I hope you found this video useful happy learning you


  • sac bis

    Great intro for cloud computing…but can you pleazz clarify me that is this course can be opted by mechanically engg like me


    Dear sir cloud computing karna chahta hun, IT ka koi experience nahi hai to cloud computing ka course karne ke Baad mujhe job milegi
    Milegi to kitni Salary milsakti hai

  • Bartug Soylemezli

    Hi, I heard about Great Lake for the first time. I am from UK and have managed to gain certification of AWS architect but now looking to extend my knowledge and get further certification and degree if possible… So not sure you are doing online degree but would like to talk about this more as I have so many questions regarding to accredibilty of this degree in UK and whether it will open new doors for me or not. So please get in touch.

  • Shalini Surpurkar

    I would like to know more information about online training.if possible please share details on [email protected]

    And would like to know scope or possibility of getting a jobs in this domain.
    My work experience is 4 with IT technical department.

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