• Calvin

    You are a beautiful woman with a lovely personality! Will continue prayers for you and your family!


  • Jamie Kinthaert

    Kori : you got a good tutorial on how to back up your website easily? I'm a complete noob, so please make it beginner friendly.

  • Frank Hade

    Very good advices, thank you Kori! Keep your chin up! Don't worry, I'll always be sticking around, you are a beautiful person.

  • David Polanco

    Thanks Kori, but we need you to take care of yourself so that you can take care of us at a point when you are well.

  • Andy

    I would recommend iThemes.
    You need a security plugin anyway so why not get iThemes that has this functionality built in. Try to avoid using too many plugins for just 1 specific functionality.

  • R J

    Hi Kori, I am all the way from South Africa and I have been watching your videos for a long time and got a lot of great value from it – it got me curious enough to find out more and pointed me in the right direction – so hopefully if you do not already know about them please take the time to follow these 2 people be open minded and listen to what they have to say about cancer maybe they can point you in the right direction to get healthy again ?

    Dr. BOZ https://youtu.be/Whe-yFPrzGg

    Dr. Berg https://youtu.be/2tTg_TeV6Hg

    They have many more videos on the subject please search for them and watch them all..

    All the best..

  • fatima saleem

    Hi Kori, good to see u again with your lively smile brave girl ….may Allah give u strength to get back to healthy life inshaAllah.

  • Diana MEYER

    Oh Kori, I'm so deeply sorry to hear about your cancer. I'm sending you healing energies and praying for you. Do take care of yourself and know that your followers do love you and appreciate what you share with us. Much Love.

  • Annette Kempers

    What are you doing, Kori? Working? Or does it help you? Take good care of yourself, we can wait (but appreciate your input anyway ?)

  • Stevie Solutions

    My login in hidden. My friend who is more tech than I am I don't think his is. A strong password will do. Make sure its a capital letter, a symbol or two and then just think of something.

  • Crystal Whiting

    Continuing to send you and your family love and light. Thanks for the video but take care of yourself first.

  • Scott Croom

    Security through obscurity only goes so far and is easily bypassed by someone crawling your site and doing an automated attack. Preparing and hardening your site against php css injection and having basic login/account name and password security will be what really protects you. BTW, you can kick cancer's ass and will. Reach out to Dani some time. I know she'd be happy to share her experience.

  • Sullivan's Group Estate Protection

    Kori, it’s been awhile since I’ve watched your instructional videos. Your enthusiasm, encouragement, expertise and educational process has helped me to grow as a web designer while overcoming my own disability. I wish you the best of luck during your journey to heal. John

  • Frank Hade

    there seams to be a problem if you have a mailing list plugin with this kind of plugins. Here is the warning message on the plugin page: "… In addition, the plugin will take care that your posts and pages addresses do not intersect with the new login page address, since if the addresses are the same, the login page will be looped." A friend tested it and there was a conflict. Thanks and Get well!

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