• C P

    Yes , Remove liberal influence Remove any Democratic control kill the multi gender bullshit Remove PC shit go back to teaching and stop pandering to the little bastards All cell phones left in the office Or at home Take back control from the leftists who pander to these kids Until then No hope

  • Rodolfo Lasparri

    This debate left out race, and IQ…which is due to evolution, not racism.

    Blaming teachers for poor results, who are educating more and more lower IQ non-Whites, and demanding the same results…isn't scientific, fair, or intellectually honest.

    NYC: 1.1 million students …over $17,000 per student, per year
    Do union teachers under teach group X? ..especially with Media watching..
    Of course not
    Then why do non-Black immigrant students entering school speaking little to no English, perform better in school and on SAT tests than American Blacks? (ave 20% White DNA)

    IQ>>85 ave IQ of Black Americans vs 100 for White
    This fact, not racism, also explains why 40% of Blacks vs 15% of Whites fail the military's written entrance exam.

    IQ is 80% genetic.
    Education, diet, or well meaning programs can not change IQ, which is set at conception
    And although we wish it wasn't so…different races/sub-species have different average IQs

    Government sanctioned racism…aka Affirmative Action…is not a solution.

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