CAB 2019 | Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 | Assam Protests
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CAB 2019 | Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 | Assam Protests

Hey every body this is Priya and you are watching Finology Legal In today’s video we will get know about the Citizenship Amendment Bill what kind of problem this bill is going to solve ? What changes will it bring? And very important that what problems people are having with this bill? All these we will get know about in today’s video And to know about this topic very well, we should know the meaning of these two important terms First is “Persecution” which simple meaning is to misbehave or doing violence or discriminating If one group is doing violence or discriminating on the other group it is called Persecution Persecution could be of many types such as religious persecution, Political persecution, and being rascit The second important term of this topic is “Immigrant” If any person leaves his country and starts living in other country permanently then he is an immigrant for that nation Next we will understand the relationship of India with the neighbour countries. Which is very interesting to know So this is India and its Neighbour countries Between 12th to 20th Century, due to religious persecution in Iran The Parsis of Iran migrated at a large scale towards India In 1947 partition happened between India and Pakistan due to which more than 1 crore people migrated to each other country And because of this Partition, The Bangladesh Freedom Movement between 1960-71 lakhs of bangladeshi people migrated to India because of this war for freedom After that in 1959-60 due China – Tibet war Tibet many Tibetians migrated to India And due to Soviet – Afghan war and religious persecution over there Afghans also migrated to India Like this only in between 1980-2000 due to Sri Lanka Civil War, Sri Lankan Tamils came here And during 2015-17, The Rohingyas of Myanmar migrated to India According to the sensus report of 2001 a huge amount of migrants in India are from Banladesh and pakistan The issue of Citizenship in India is discussed in two places- in Constituion of India and Citizenship of India Act, 1955 Constitution says that who will be the proper Indian Citizens in 1950, So the provision of the Constitution was helpful for our grand parents and fore fathers But the provisions after 1950 like who will called as Indian Citizen after 1950 How today any can be Indian Citizen or in coming days how any will able to acquire Indian citizenship? All these things are discussed in Indian Citizenship Act 1955 Now let us see what is the main purpose of this Bill This bill wants to change the way of acquring citizenship according to the act so how ? Firstly by changing the definition of illegal immigrant Till now the Illegal immigrant defined in this Act as If any person who comes to India for living without having valid passport or having fraud documents Or he has exceeded the permission limit of staying in India In that case that person will be called as illegal immigrant and he will be forced to leave the country But this bill changes the whole definition of this act And it says that before 31st December 2014 any people who has came to India by any ways and if they are from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and they belong to these 6 communities- Hindus, Sikhs,Buddhists,Jains, Parsis, Christians So now these peoples will not called as illegal immigrants So according to the act people who were called as illegal immigrants, bill amends that thing and all these people who came from these 3 countries will not be an illegal immigrant Second big change is coming in process of Acquiring citizenship Before it was like, if you are coming from Pakistan and willing to take Indian Citizenship So for that you have to spend 11 years in India or have to do any government service and after that you will get Indian Citizenship And this bill changes this whole proecess and it says that, If you are from these 3 countries and you belong to these 6 communities from these countries then you have to spend only 5 years instead of 11 to get Indian citizenship so according to this the date has been given since 2014 from December 2014 to 2019 its 5 years and all these illegal immigrants will convert in to Indian Citizens So the first major problem coming across this bill is that Why the government has chosen only these 3 countries and why only 6 communities from these countries and why you excluded other neighbour countries and other communites? and it is a violation of Article 14 And for the answer the answer of this question I have listened to the parliamentary discussions and a saw Harish Salve on a channel answering the questions regarding this bill He said that the main moto of this bill is to expand the loss of migration and to relax it So now how much it should be expanded and relaxed, its a policy matter Amit Shah told that in our neighbouring countries minority communities are being tortured and they are affected by religious persecution. So why we choosed only these 3 countries? Because the constitution structure of these 3 countries declares it as a Islamic State not as a secular country And in these countries these 6 communities are minorities and are going through religious persecution that’s why we selected these 3 countries and the 6 communities The second most and big opposition is coming from the north eastern states of India Specifically from Assam, and this opposition also has a deep rooted history, let us know that from 1920’s when riots began to happen all over in India, Since then only from east Bengal people started migrating to north eastern states specifically in Assam So its usual that the people who were migrated there were started holding lands over there So slowly what happened that the population of refugees started increasing as compare to the locals over there After that from 1948 India- Pakistan to 1971 Bangladesh formation lakhs of people migrated to the North east state after the independence during the time of State re organisation The cities of north east were worried about ethnicity related to the culture and language That’s why North east states was given special status same as Jammu and Kashmir like 6th schedule, In a line permit and many like this Now in 1978 what happened that Assam’s MP Heera Lal Patwari dies and because of this re election has to be done Then the matter which to existence that suddenly the majority of registered voters in Assam increases Means the majority of refugees increased a lot, and Elections was cancelled with the immediate effect and Student leaders started protesting saying that this Illegal influx should be stopped and all the illegal immigrants should be detained and deported This protest is known as Assam Andolan which was from 1979 to 1985 And the result of that protest was Assam Accord which came in 1985 Assam Accord says that if you belong to any religion and if you have migrated to Assam after 24th march 1971 then you will not be called as a citizen you will be an illegal immigrant and to fulfill the objective of Assam Accord government introduced NRC “National Register of Citizens” in which 19 Lakh illegal immigrants were noticed But now since the CAB has came it says that it should be considered from 2014 instead of 1971 before December 2014 people who migrated to India from these 3 countries and from those 6 communities will not be called as Illegal immigrants and will be called as citizens So this was Citizenship Ammendment Bill Which problem it is trying to solve and what problems are people having with this bill I hope you like this video and you have understood about this But do let me know in the comment box that what you think will majority people get benefited by this bill? And for benefiting the majority, is it right to do this with minorities, do let me know That’s it for now see you in the next class. Bye Bye


  • Mohit nautiyal

    To be intra vires of the Constitution a law has to checked against by article 14 which talks about equality. But at the same time, Government can make distinction under atricle 14 using doctrine of reasonable classification, that states that if a law is following intellgible defferntia (that the law follows logic and reasoning) then such law can differentiate between people. In Caa the reasonable classifiction, is that the muslims do not need protection of life in Islamic states (Pakistan, Afghanistan and bangladesh). History is evidence that other minority religions have faced genocide, and thus the law safes those people's right to life and passes article 14 of the Constitution and stands constitutionally valid. Furthermore, the act is not on the basis of religion as it talks about giving citizenship to minority class not minority religion. The people who are given citizenship came to india to safe their life. They were being tortured and genocide was being carried out in these three nations. Now, muslims do not have threat to their life in muslim countries. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afganistan is not secular in nature but Islamic in structure. As a matter of fact there are 52 nations who are Islamic in nature. This step of the government is to safe those people who have to leave their country in order to safe their life, their family's life. This is a humantarin step, shame to see our youth protest against it. Had it be based on religion then that would be violative of the constitution.

  • Rita Jha

    You have missed one point . The bill has no application to any Indian citizen but only to minorities if other Islamic republics. It's not discriminatory towards Indian citizen but only towards the citizen of those Islamic republics.

  • Vimal Nair

    You are awesome.

    Question –> The immigrants from Bangladesh to Assam, what percentage (approx) were Hindus and what percentage were Muslims? Any idea? Thanks.

    Keep up the good work.

  • surendra mahar

    Your method of teaching is so nice you didn't choose a particular side as a teacher you are an ideal one, as per my point of view it is a great bill because we have to see our side wise country which one basis of religion are treating with minorities ,

  • Tahir Ahmed Husain

    Your videos may clear a lot of doubts for ruling party in India as it is unconstitutional and discriminatory in nature. I gave you a thumb down because you have only shared what others have done. It would be great if you had supported the Constitution and spoken from your heart in favor of Republic India which doesn't discriminate with any one.

  • Tahir Ahmed Husain

    When the accord was already signed we should have stuck with it.. If you are making changes in the law then everyone should have been treated equally. It's a republic country and loves everyone so why not include Muslims and Atheist as well and also include other countries like Myanmar, Burma and sri lanka.

  • Gurjinder Kaur

    Thank you so much ma`am as being a teenager…i am always very curious about political affairs but after watching your vedios which is very understandable and to the got very easy to understand the important and complicated bills, acts and current affarirs.. 🙂 🙂

  • it's me

    Now I understand it… CAB and Assam andolan ka relation dikh rha hai… Now BJP want to maintain it's political power in future, they will increase their vote bank by adding Ill -legal immigrants as citizens… Shame on these politicians…

  • Abdul Haque

    Dear Sis, I can guess why you cherry 🍒 picked Mr. Harish Salve’s ( The former Solicitor General of BJP Govt) justification here . It’s your freedom, no offense Art 19 😘), but you could’ve explain the opposite view too ,if you were really neutral. Simply because the CAA violates the Art 14 and basic structure of our constitution and a policy that violates the basic principles shall be gone for judicial review as per Art 13 and to be declared void isn’t it?

    Well , the question to you is do you think CAA , really pass the test of Art 14 ? How it can justify the cherry 🍒 picked classification of 6 religion under the principles of intelligible differentia? Bear in mind, the exclusion of Muslims, Bahais , Jews Ahmediyyas and so on has penal consequence (Detention centres) by virtue of Passport Act and foreigners act. Pls enlighten us by comment or in next video 🙏

  • Guitar Hope

    Hey recently found your channel….and i am happy as i am able to understand each and everthing…..Thank you🙂👍

  • Ali Asghar

    In pakistan minorties have been given equal rights as Muslims and they have citizenship of pakistan …..we have not prosecuted minorties dear priya 😈😈😈😈

  • Divesh pawar

    I have one doubt… what will happen if any Pakistani spy comes to India and stay in our country for longer time period and after that if he gets into government job such as Indian army,or administration….and spy on our country?
    2nd question is how our government will able to provide job and accomodation for such huge immigrants?

  • Akash Rana

    Pr muslims ke sath toh je discrimination hua jo muslims nrc mein aayenge vo kahan jayenge unka kya hoga unko kon rkhega iska solution v nikalna chahiye.

  • The Partho

    Why only Assam should take the responsibility of illegal migration the other state also have to take the responsibility ..

  • aniket ingle

    Nicely explained in simple language, engrossing video, easy to understand, minutely explained including the meaning of the words in the beginning, absolutely loved it.

  • soumo mondal

    Thora mistake hua hay… Joint committee on citizenship amendment bill 2016 page 35-39 parlijiye. Specially page 39. 2.17,2.18,2.19

  • KK Tamang

    Hello Priya… Bangladeshis (Hindu or Muslim) problem is not of Assam only. Assam started movement looking at worst situation of Tripura years back. Talk about Tripura also. Tripura was captured years back by Hindu Bangladeshis. Its like Mini West Bengal .

  • sanjoy debbarma

    NAA ki khilap ham nehi he, NAA lago karna he to Tripura me mot kijijiye, kio ki iha pe pehle se hi illegal migraine s ake bas gaye he, thick he agor aap bangladesh se aye logo ko Citizen dena chahte ho to aap gujrat me lekor basa dijiye, fir ham bhi khus aap bhi khus, problem khotom

  • Sanjiv Banerji

    Imagine that your neighborhood gets swamped by slum-dwellers who erect tents on your footpaths and even inside your society.

    Would you want to evict them based on religion, or would you want ALL of them evicted?

    The people of Assam want ALL of them evicted.

    But Amit Shah says "Evict only the Muslim slum-dwellers and let the other squatters of 6 other religions remain. Make their temporary structures concrete"

  • Dipak Basu

    Refugees are non-Muslims; they are the victims of the partition of India. Without their sacrifice India could not get its independence.


    I've been following you since we were 10k subscribers. I haven't come across a channel (except for — Faizan Mustafa legal awareness series) which explains complex legal topics in such a straightforward way. Hats off. Keep going.

  • Mohd Ahetesham

    persecuted minority is not written anywhere in the Citizenship Amendment Act, then why Amit Shah is speaking we are bringing persecuted minority, then why CAA is bringing, for bringing six community people only

  • To Know

    minority ka persicution ho raha hai is bill ke me article 14 ka voilacen ho raha hai aur assam accord ka bhi jo 19 lakh non muslim nrc list me bahar huye the wo sb illegal immigrant the unhe bahar hona chahiue aur is CAA ko revoke krna chahiye

  • hari om tiwari

    आपके द्वारा दिया गया व्याख्यान बहुत ही अच्छा रहा। जैसा कि आपने कहा क्या यह संशोधन बहुसंख्यक आबादी को लाभान्वित करेगा तो मुझे नहीं लगता कि ऐसा कुछ होगा पर हाँ एक हिन्दू होने के नाते मुझे उन छ: समुदायों के विषय में करना चाहिए ।

  • Rana Gogoi

    Sorry guys practicaly its not correct. From 1971, 24th march to till date lots of Bangladeshi peoples comes to ASSAM and other N.E states ..Though they didn't get the Indian Citizenship in assam upto 1987 but their children gets the Indian Citizenship in other N.E states. And after getting the Indian citizenship it is very easy for them to comes to Assam…So what is the big deal of ASSAM Accord…As you said from NRC only 5 lakh hindus were left out but very importantly there is 7 lakh of Muslim people who were left out through NRC and as of BJP these 7 lakh would have been 65 lakh if AASU WOULD HAVE CORPORATE WITH AMIT SAH during preparation of NRC..And BJP is the only party who is demanding a reverification of the NRC atleast some places… So from independent there is not a single Banglsdeshi deported other than deported through foreigner act 1946….So BJP is the only party who is ready to deport those 7lakh illegal bangladeshi muslim..though 5 lakh will remain here..we should be happy and we should corporate with the existing government…we all should filled petion in S.C for reverification of NRC such that illegal muslim figures might go to 70 lakh…See guys if on 22 January the respected S.C cancelled CAA then what happen all the illegel bangladeshi will be stay here and there and most of them will decoit rapist etc…Neither any government is trying to deport a single Banglsdeshi till date infact the last government said that there is not a single Banglsdeshi who is staying in Assam…So see the situation guys lets support CAA lets support BJP.

  • Ansar Shaikh

    mam isme china aur srilanka ka naam kiu nahi aaya waha musalman miniroty me hai na aur waha musalman ko sataya ja raha hai .ye ek sochi samjhe sazhish hai .ise aap samjhe .aur is par ek video banaye

  • Chirag Dabhi

    I have one question: if some one belong to that three countries and Islamic religious than how that person get Indian citizenship??
    After CAA

  • Nee__Thu moH__An ammuzZ

    Your videos are so good easy and simple language
    But Sister please can you make videos in English also….I couldn't understand hindi as much….because i am an malayali….

  • Ritesh Kumar

    Afghanistan , pakistan and Bangladesh islamic state hai…Not like India( Democratic). Islamic state me jo minorities hain unka religious persecution hota hai…no doubt..Hindu toh India me hain but other ka migration bahut hua…but ye sab kab hoga…
    Agar Afghanistan , pakistan and Bangladesh democratic country hota toh itna problem nhi hota..
    But NRC and CAA agar kisi v Indian citizen ko aur especially INDIAN MUSLIM ko affect nhi karta hai ,unko problem nhi deta hai toh we should support CAA And NRC..
    Let's hope k Assam k problem v solve ho jaaye aur Indian muslim ko koi pareshaani v nhi ho…
    forcefully religion conversion k problem bahut hai hamare neighbour countries me …

  • Bhaskar Das

    Sob thik hai. Apne thik bola priya friend. But 2014 se pehele aya india me kon documents se proman korega. Documents nehi bataya apne

  • cddiq

    You explained it as per the wish of present fascist Govt. Advct Salway is also a right wing agent who doubts whether CAA violates basic values of Sec 14 of Constitution. You quote Amit sha the @%#[email protected] great liar. Tell us what will happen when the CAA and NRC in combination? why the people of India want to stand in queue to beg for citizenship. Please reply.What will happen those who are not in procession of their documents?

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