C# Tutorial – Connect an Application with SQL Server Database over network | FoxLearn
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C# Tutorial – Connect an Application with SQL Server Database over network | FoxLearn

Welcome to the FoxLearn Today we will learn how to Connect an Application with SQL Server database over the network First, you need to backup your database, then restore your database to new SQL server database You need to change your data source to new server SQL database name You can add code to handle auto-refresh data in datagridview Thank you for watching this video


  • Joshua Dela Cruz

    Hi Fox Learn, it seems that you have a lot of very nice tuts. Right now, I am about to deploy my C# App using MySQL(WAMP Server) which is located from other PC; but it tend to have error "MySQL cannot connect from Host" like that. But from the SERVER-PC it is working fine. And note that I already changed datasource of my C# app to the SERVER-PC IP Address. What should I do? Thanks 🙂

  • Karan kasyap

    Hi Fox Learn.I like your videos u work very nice.
    I have a problem please solve it.
    how to deploy my software with one click installation in the client machine where neither I need to install database manually nor attaching database manually all the work happen automatically during software installation.

  • Zeroes and Ones

    Is it possible to do a .sdf database in my application, and then when I network it to another computer, I can access that database, and if (for example) I deleted a data on my computer, when I view my application to another computer that data will also be deleted.

  • bojidar kamenski

    hello I've just see this video it is awesome and helpful, is it working if the servers are in different networks (connected to different wifi networks for example)

  • Ranj Kurdish

    Hello Fox learn i finished my data base inserted to othere computer but not working i have error 26 configration sql can helpe me ?

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