BVB Quiztaxi in Marbella 2020 – Part 2: Lip reading | Can Brandt & Hummels stay at the top?
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BVB Quiztaxi in Marbella 2020 – Part 2: Lip reading | Can Brandt & Hummels stay at the top?

Time for your favorite category: Lip reading! Oh, no. Oh, no! Wait… Now! I am already laughing. Let’s go! Stadionwurst (stadium hot dog) Pokal (trophy) Pokal EMMA EMMA EMMA Hammer?! Stadium Stadium Stadium Street?! Stadium You can actually speak out loud. EMMA EMMA, man! BVB BVB! EMMA EMMA! Stadium hot dog Str… Str… no? St… St… Stadium Stre… Trophy Trophy! Correct! EMMA EMMA Trophy Tro… Trophy Trophy! Yeah! Trophy Trophy! BVB BVB! BVB BVB! Yes! Nobby Dickel Norbert Dickel! EMMA Low Tide? EMMA EMMA MMA! EMMA Yes. EMMA MA… Does that Count? Yeah. That’s okay! Ballpumpe (ball pump) Ball pump Ball pump! Ball pump Ball pump Rasenmäher (lawnmower) Carsten Cramer! Lawnmower Polar bear! BVB BVB! Ball pump What is that? Ball pump What? Ball pump Trainingslager (training camp) Huh? Trai… Training camp Assault? Nobby Dickel Nobby Dickel Nobby Dickel Bob.. Nobby… Double? N.. Nobby Doub… Nobby… Nobby Dickel Norbert Dickel! Yeah. I’ll let that count! Nobby Dickel Nobby! Is that enough? No. What? Dickel Dickel Nobby Dickel Dickel Nobby! Yes. Nobby Dickel Norbert Dickel! Training camp Training camp No… s**t! I will take a different one! Ball pump Ball… Ball… Pump Doll?! Pump Ball doll! Pump Pump! Yeah. Massagebank (massage table) Massage table! Stadium hot dog Stadium hot dog Left foot?! Stadium hot dog Ball pump Ball pump Ball pump! Training camp Training camp Lawnmower Or what is that called? Lawnmower Training camp Training camp Massage table Massage table Massage table Football team? Massage table Lawnmower R.. what? Lawnmower Massage table Team?! Massage table. Team! M..M..Massage Champion… No. This is a hard one. Stadium hot dog I don’t know… My German is so s**t! Stadium hot dog Stadium guide Hot dog! Hot Dog! Hot Dog! Currywurst! Currywurst! Stadium hot dog Stadium hot dog Stadium Stadium hot dog Drum kit! Keep going. Just say the last word. Stadium… Hot dog Hot Dog Currywurst. Time’s up! Stadium I have a word but I won’t say it. The time is up! Time’s up! Schmelle! Lawnmower… How am I supposed to say that to him? What’s ‘Stadium…’? Hot dog! Ah, hot dog, man!


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