Buying a domain name & hosting with Godaddy, then uploading website with Cyberduck pt2
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Buying a domain name & hosting with Godaddy, then uploading website with Cyberduck pt2

All right,
we’re continuing from the other video. If I double-click on the drive right here. Continue. Failure? So I don’t want that. I want to right-click Edit the bookmark. That’s what I wanted. So the path is gonna be public_html. And why am I doing that? I’ll show in a second. When I click on this, double click, we get into Server but
I wanna get right into this folder. I don’t wanna see these folders. I wanna get right into that. So Edit Bookmark, paste it in the path, public_html, close. Now double-click here and
I’m inside that folder now. There we go. I’m in double, fantasy, storm. We upload it the fantasy. If you open that up, you’ll see that
here’s the index page in the images. New fantasy is in the images folder, okay. At my actual .com,
if I get rid of fantasy, press Enter, there’s nothing there, right? All right, so I can get rid of this,
this, this, delete those. Now there’s nothing there. Refresh and
then you’re gonna see nothing there. Refresh, it says forbidden, okay? I’m gonna put something there. I’m gonna open up my web1 folder,
and I’m gonna make a new file. I’m gonna take fantasy, I’m gonna,
see if I can Alt click that. In my Mac, I just clicked on index.html. And to copy it, I pressed the Alt
option and dragged it over here. So now I can open this up and rework it. Open With. TextWrangler. And I’m just gonna make a home page, like
really simple, just gonna put my name and that’s it really. Title. Gary Dufner’s Master thesis. I’m gonna be putting my
masters thesis on this page. I don’t want any body
background color at all. I’m gonna write this
again right here in h1. And I’m gonna get rid of everything here. I don’t need any of this. Bam! All right, save, Cmd+S to save, close. Now my index page just says that on it. Let’s go back to this and
I’m gonna show you how to connect. Cancel, okay. Now I’m gonna show you how
to take this index page and just drag it and drop it right in here. Continue. It’s authenticating. I’m gonna try it one more time. Okay, let me take my index and drag and drop it right here into
the directory, the bottom one, all right. A failure occurred during
certificate trust verification. Show Certificate, trust it,
always trust, And Continue. So hopefully this works. Always trust,
click that little check mark there. And then go through and see. Update Settings. It’s asking me to update my settings. You are making changes to your
Certificates, say Update Settings. Continue. All right, it worked. Here’s my index page,
if I close my fantasy, you’re gonna see my index page is
right here in the root directory. Let’s refresh my page now. There it is, Gary Dufner’s Master Thesis, right-click, View the Page Source, ta-dah. Okay, let’s upload some more stuff. Let me see, storm. There’s nothing in there yet. But I think I put the index page for
the fantasy, but we can overwrite that. Open up your storm folder here. Select all this, drag it and
drop it right onto the storm folder. And then Continue. [SOUND] Look how quick that is
compared to doing it to GoDaddy. All right, let’s forward slash storm,
press Enter. Here’s my storm website,
look at that, there it is. What, there’s no What, Damages, awesome. Einstein’s not working, What. This was just the example I had made for
you guys, to show you how to do it. All right, let’s do one more. Let’s go to double for double identity. Double, there’s nothing there. All right, let’s upload it. Let’s open up my double,
there’s nothing in there, right? Let’s click on double identity,
let’s select this. Actually, I wanna select index, reviews, contact, Let me get these. Reviews, index, contact,
trailers, images, and CSS. I don’t need my double identity example,
or the doc, or the site images, or the start here. None of that needs to go on the server. I’m gonna drag and drop this into
my double identity folder, bam. That’s how long that takes,
it’s gonna upload everything. If I have extra files in my images folder,
that I don’t want on the server, I’d have to go and do that separately. It’s opening the connection. Okay, the upload is complete. Let’s go to double identity and
I have my contact page, my index, reviews, trailers, images are all in there,
my logo, footer, content, banner background, my CSS,
stylesheet is in there, awesome. Let’s check it out,
let’s press Enter again. Refresh the page, there it is. Click on Reviews, Reviews,
Trailers, Contact. And click on Facebook and
it’ll open up Facebook page. Awesome, everything is working.

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  • Kylie Stonem

    I'm confused with something, I have the same 403 forbidden message when I go to my website, but in your case, you had to change your index's content for it to show but I want mine to appear as it is, so what's the problem exactly?

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