Buying a domain name & hosting with Godaddy, then uploading website pt1
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Buying a domain name & hosting with Godaddy, then uploading website pt1

I’ve already signed into GoDaddy. I’m already in,
save your username and password. [INAUDIBLE] visit My Account. I’ve already signed in. Keep your username and
password to get into to manipulate your domain name and
your host name. Go to Google and
Google 12 hosting godaddy, or $12 hosting godaddy, and
then click on the first link. Then come down here where it says Economy, $1 a month, select that. Pick your name, I’m going to do my name. I need to get a new .COM because
I want to put my thesis online. So, click Go, and
then congratulations, it’s available. Add and continue. Have one item at risk,
I don’t wanna worry about that right now. 12 months Linux hosting,
that’s what I want. Your for
a year is $0.00, so your domain name is free,
12 months, $1.00 a month. Okay, let’s see if this works. If it doesn’t, at least I’ll
have the domain name for $12.18. Okay, I’ll proceed to checkout. I’ve got my billing information in here,
I’m gonna place my order. I’m gonna press the check,
the little sign right there that says, I agree to the following. All right, thank you, Gary! All right, 12.18, I just bought it. It’s go time, all right, so
now we have to set up the hosting. We have to set up,
it already has a name, but we have to set up a password for hosting. So, we can upload our HTML and
our images to the hosting, so our domain name can see the hosting and
so the browser can see our website. So, click on Web Hosting,
New Panel, Setup. Select the domain name for
your account, garydufherthesis, and then username,
you can put your own username in here. This is great, all right, so
be unique, must not contain text. All right, so I’m gonna write garydufner. Unique, how about a capital
D-U-F-N-3-capital R. All right, that’s my username, now I’m gonna put this
somewhere where I can find it. All right, here we go, this is, [SOUND] where’s my, here we go. All right,, user, password. Okay, I’m gonna make some crazy password, g4rYduuu. That is 10, three R, question mark. Copy pasted in there,
you can click on Show Password. Oops, went backwards, damn it,
pressed Backspace or hit the wrong thing. Yeah, all right, so
let’s go back to yadda yadda. Let’s copy my username. And let’s copy a password. Show password, so we can see it. Paste it, and then click on Finish. All right, password, let’s see, 1, 2,
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. Between 8 and 14 characters long,
includes a lowercase letter, includes an uppercase letter, includes
a number, consists only of number. I need to put an exclamation
part instead of a. Okay, here we go, not contain username,
let’s copy that, and so let’s paste it back in here so
I have it for later. Save it, I’m gonna have you using
the password saved somewhere so it’s easy to get to. So, and then name it something that no
one would look at, you know, I mean. Call it garage_sale.txt. All right, garage_sale.txt. Go to my desktop, save it. There it is right there, garage_sale.txt. So [INAUDIBLE], even wiser. Come down here and press username, consist
only of lowercase letters and numbers. Okay, lowercase, so
I’ll put a lowercase d and a lowercase r, and copy and
paste that in there. Now I’m good. Let’s finish,
now it’s going to set up your. Okay, so you’re hosting is different than your actual Use username and
password to get into the GoDaddy website. To get into GoDaddy website is different
than getting into your hosting, remember that. So, you need to have username,
password for GoDaddy and username, password for hosting. All right,
setting up to this cPanel account. So this is gonna take a while, all right? I’m gonna stop this video right now,
and we’ll get back to. Okay, here we go. This is what happens to your
browser when we get there. This is, it just refreshed, and if I look
in here, my IP address is right here. [SOUND]
Put that in here. [SOUND] Then the IP address is where your
server is located, that’s your address. Instead of putting this username,
I mean the .COM, you can put this number right here. That is your address to your server files,
okay? Just remember that. You put that, you may put that Cyberduck. Save it, Home, garydufner3 in here,
that’s school. You’ve got your file manager. Now you could upload everything, all your
website files, to GoDaddy right here. You can click on file manager and you can
go into the public HTML, public_html. Always open from File Manager, show here, Always open this directory in the future,
click Go. It’s opening up a new thing here. So right now, I have home.html,
404.shtml layout so if I were to go to my dot come,
let’s write it in and see if it’s up already we don’t even know
if it’s up I never even tried it yet, let’s do this,
let’s see what happens. Should say I’m parked
on Go Daddy If anything future home of something quite cool,
yeah right? So knows I’m going to be uploading stuff. So, I can upload right here, I would
just need to go onto, so instead of using Cyber Doc we’re going right to
the mouth of the horse right now. I can make a new folder,
click on folder and name it fantasy. Click create folder, and
we go to folder fantasy. I can make another folder called storm. And I can make a new folder called double double, instead of double identity,
just write double. Click on the storm folder,
let’s go in there this directory is empty. I’m going to upload, choose files
You go to my web1 folder, right? And I can’t move it,
you can’t see it inside of the, smaller so I can move it down,
there we go. We’re in fantasy, right? Click on fantasy and my index page. Open it. Waiting. Still waiting. Said it’s complete, I think. Am I waiting for nothing? Let’s go to my .com/fantasy. Cuz I made that new folder, right? Let’s see if anything’s there. Nothing is there yet,
all right, so this didn’t work. Let me see what’s going on. Choose File>Index.html Open. Index. Already exists, it already exists. I did it for the storm. Let me go back, let me go back,
let me go back here and what was I doing? I was, storm. Let’s write fantasy here. Fantasy. Press Enter to go. Okay, so now we’re in Fantasy. Let’s go to upload. Choose a file, Index>Open. Choose file one more time. Let’s see if this works. Open.
[SOUND] Al right, it’s there. We go here and refresh again,
there’s my fantasy. Where’s the image? Well, you go back to here and make a new folder called images
inside my fantasy folder. Oops, can’t press enter it won’t work. Folder, images, I just can’t get that a. Click create new folder. I can’t create a folder in here? New folder That’s it, right. Images, create new folder. Could not create images, file exists. Okay. So let’s click on go again on here,
and here we come on images. So let’s do /images Press go. Cuz when I clicked on it over
here it didn’t get me there. Now let’s upload our images to the folder, choose file, click on images,
click on fantasy, click on open. Okay, let’s go to our page and refresh. Let’s hopefully our fantasy
picture is there now. All right? So that’s how you upload through GoDaddy. Now if you want to use Cyberdot,
which is a lot easier than that. Cuz this is kinda, you know, hard. It’s a little time consuming. Cyberdot is a lot quicker. We have our usually we have our
password ready to go right, so let’s open up Cyber Duck Cyber Duck and
let’s make a new bookmark click on the little plus
sign down here and nickname what we’re gonna nickname it
here Server is going to be,
we can do the IP address or the .com I’m gonna show you
the IP address this way first. Server, username,
snag that number right there, put it in here, and then password is>>You don’t have to put that in yet. Path, we are going to
the root directory so we might have to write in public_HTML, I’m
not sure yet, we can work on that later, download folders, I want that to go on
my desktop if I downloaded anything. Onto the desktop to I want
to go to my Web 1 folder, so let’s go to desktop [INAUDIBLE]
open, you probably don’t need to do this because
you’re probably not gonna go back and forth, but that’s what I would do All
right, I think everything looks good. Let’s close this for now. Let’s double click on this one. Now it’s asking me for the password. Let’s put the password in,
let’s click on login. That was the password right here. Login, [SOUND], server control, [SOUND] do you want to switch
to encrypted connection? Please contact your web continue. I want to get in. All right, so, we’re into the public,
we have to go into the public HTML right here okay, right now you can see that
double fantasy and storm are there. Yeah!. Let’s go back to the other screen. There we go. I’m gonna double click on the

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